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With Garnet Suidy, bodyART trainer

Located in Toronto, when I’m not travelling as an international presenter, holistic manual therapist, innovation and excitement are what drive me. Having spent most of my life as a competitive figure skater, I have been fortunate enough to experience and study different styles of movement around with various coaches in diverse different fields, including: bodyART, Pilates, yoga, skating, strength and conditioning, dance, martial arts, acrobatics, performing arts and osteopathy. When I became certified in bodyART training, I immediately found a natural alignment between the bodyART approach to health and fitness and my own beliefs.

Who And What Is My Inspiration?

I am constantly inspired by bodyART, this intense holistic, functional mind-body workout system. The bodyART program creator Robert Steinbacher and CEO of bodyART International, Julia Pryzbilka, who founded this unique, no-nonsense ‘meditation in movement’ global workout are some of the most talented and all-round amazing humans I have ever met. The depth of their knowledge and teaching brings out the best in me and always challenges me to up my game. As a Canadian, the great outdoors is also a major source of inspiration in my life. Connecting with nature and observing its infinite variety helps me find new ways of moving my body and to notice habits and patterns that might pull me out of balance.

On The Move With…

Like Madonna, who also loves the feeling of freedom she experiences while practicing bodyART, it also keeps me energised and on the move, whether it’s in my own backyard, or half-way around the globe. The opportunity to travel and teach this gripping holistic fitness system around the world is something I have dreamed about for years and now that it’s actually happening, I sometimes give my head a shake and think, “Wow…is this really my life?!”

This Is How I Chillax

Dandy and Schnickers

My favourite way to de-stress and relax is always by cuddling my two adorable dogs, Dandy and Schnickers. There is nothing like a puppy puddle to refill the love tank.

My Go To Holistic Treatment

sensory deprivation tank

When my body is out of whack, you’ll find me at my Osteopath. If it’s my brain that needs tending to, I go for a float in a sensory deprivation tank.

Holistic Beauty Product

coconut oil

I keep it pretty simple in the beauty department. Usually, coconut oil is the only thing I put on my skin.

6 Reasons To Use Coconut Oil
For Your Hair

Book On My Bedside


Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari. (Read the review here.) This book offers such an interesting perspective on our species and has really given me some food for thought.

Motto I Live By

“Life Loves Me”. This simple kernel of wisdom came from my friend, Misty Tripoli, the founder of the World Groove Movement, another awesome dance system that I love.It reminds me that the universe wants me to be happy and to dive in and accept all the wonderful gifts life has to offer.

Route To Radiance With CEO, bodyARTschool International,
Julia Przybilka

Indulgence I Die For

red velvet

Red velvet cupcakes. Do not leave me alone in the room with one…or a dozen.

Favourite Song On My Playlist

Lately, I’ve been into Sleeping At Last. He does some great covers and his version of ‘Faith’ gets some heavy mileage on my playlist.

Have2Have It

An intensive holistic wellness get-together with like-minded souls replenishes me like nothing else. I’ll be at the Pura Vida Wellness Retreat coming up in February, 2018 in Nosara, Costa Rica. This place is one of the most beautiful and pristine environments on the planet and is the perfect setting for a week of bodyART, Groove and all around good vibe feels.


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