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Catching Up With Catherine: The Diabetes Crisis

From advanced to emerging economies, Diabetes is spreading worldwide to epidemic proportions. The WHO predicts by 2030 Diabetes will become the seventh leading cause...

Catching up with Catherine: Awaken To Alzheimher’s

Why is it that some strive for wellness; focusing on prevention, while others choose to play Russian roulette with their health? Who knows? I can’t...


Feather Touch Brow Tattoos By Lashkani

If you’re spending a little longer on your everyday beauty regime than you’d like to, perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate your routine and give...

Anti Age Your Hair

If there’s one thing that stresses out men and women alike, it’s thinning hair. Research by the American Academy of Anti-Aging shows that men...

I TRIED…HydraFacial

Banish Your Batwings

Vitality Menus

Lisa’s Za’atar Chickpeas with Radicchio & Carrots

I recently bought a Spiralizer to shred even the toughest root veggies like turnips and swedes. So far, so good. I’m on a Spiralizer...

Harathi’s Sugar-Free Turmeric Coconut Cream Cups

As a proud Indian, I’m used to adding turmeric in many savoury dishes, but this easy-to-prep dessert that contains turmeric requires virtually no cooking...


Love Consciousness: A Workshop for Relationships

Milan Karmeli is a German-born psychosomatic therapist from a multi-cultural Syrian and Iranian family background. He is passionate about facilitating authentic and dynamic processes...

What’s Inner Awakening Really About?

What is life? You could answer the question in myriad ways or just shrug it off with a ‘who knows’ or ‘how-does-it-matter’ attitude. A...

Cosmocrat Travel

En Vacances: Asia

The New Year is the ideal time to heal from sundry festive excesses. Here is where to go to detox in style... Wellness World...

40 Days of Embracing Change

WHEN THE POWER IS IN YOU BUT NOT OF YOU It’s now been 40 days since our Kundalini Odyssey retreat in Sri Lanka drew to...


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