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Brain Fog Is Not Normal

Dr. Daniel Amen, a US psychiatrist and anti-aging luminary who has made brain health his specialty claims that losing your memory or developing brain...

Hormones: Good Or Evil?

The very word ‘hormone’ is often associated with cancer, dangerous side effects and risk of disease. However, not all hormones are created equal. In...


Aesthetic Q&A: Adult Acne

Q What products are good for a woman who’s still getting breakouts but is also seeing the beginnings of wrinkles? My dermatologist has suggested Roaccutane...

Aesthetic Q&A: Anti-Aging Through Diet

Q I was reading about the advantages of the Dr. Perricone Diet and his ideas that a correct diet can result in younger looking skin....

Anti-Age Your Hair


Hala’s Easy Lemon Brownies

Who says lemons need to be bitter? With this recipe, I have transformed the sourest citrus fruit into the most tempting brownie that is...

The Best Way To Lose Weight

Every year the average person gains about 1.5kgs, which is almost 15kgs in a decade. Numerous diets come up yearly promising weight loss, but...


Soul Sisters Retreat With Amal And Amany

Soul Sisters with Amal & Amany in Kerala (India) - + - F A C T S H E E T - + - DATES Feb 1...

A Holiday Or A Retreat? Think Twice..

With people nowadays working above 65 years old and above 40 hours a week, the concept of a holiday that does not completely relax...


Holotropic Breathwork: Let the Healing Odyssey Begin

What is Holotropic Breathwork? “Holotropic Breathwork is an experience approach to self-exploration and therapy.” – Stan Grof Coined by founder and psychiatrist Stanislav Grof, holotropic comes...

How to Deal with Sadness in a Meaningful Way

Emotions are natural states of being that we naturally experience. We laugh when we’re happy, we frown when we’re serious, and we cry when...


For Some Age Is Just A Number

Sandi Saksena, 60+ is as sassily sexy today as she was three decades ago. Age is just a number – literally and figuratively – for...

Weight-loss Success Story: Megha

Most of things in life are easy to lose and hard to gain. Unfortunately, this isn't in the case for weight...Megha, 29, a married...

Bend It Like Barre


This Is How I Shine


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