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It’s now been 40 days since our Kundalini Odyssey retreat in Sri Lanka drew to a euphoric close and we are meeting again as a group to practice together and infuse our group energy with a fresh injection of New Year spirit.

pic courtesy : Sarah Siblini


Maintaining the feel-good momentum during this time has ranged from sharing an evocative reading list to propel awareness of the myriad holistic healing topics that our 6-night, 5-day Lightness of Being retreat unveiled.

We also kept our cohesiveness with a 40-day Kundalini Yoga challenge: The Nabhi Kriya designed to strengthen the Third Chakra.


Nabhi refers to the nerve plexus around the navel point. This set focuses on developing the strength of the navel point. The times indicated for each exercise are for advanced students. To begin the practice, start with 3 – 5 minutes on the longer exercises. This kriya will get the abdominal area in shape very quickly and activate the power of the chakra.


The Third Chakra, the navel centre, is dominated by the fire element, the Agni Tattva. This is the seat of willpower, command and control. As the reserve energy ‘dynamo’, without a strong Third Chakra, you may have many ideas and good intentions but they may not come to fruition. With a strong Third Chakra, even your slightest intentions begin to manifest.

The Kundalini energy is initiated from the Third Chakra. The reserve energy at the navel gathers strength, and then passes through two small reserve channels down to the base of the spine, awakening the slumbering Kundalini that lies coiled through the First Chakra. Then the Kundalini energy begins its constant journey of awakening and arousal along the spine.

The stimulation, strengthening and distribution of energy at the Navel Chakra is a central part of a Kundalini Yoga kriya. When the navel energy flows properly, it coordinates the organs of the body. The eliminative functions are triggered, the energy to support your actions is gathered, and the will to project that energy to support your actions is maintained. Kundalini Yoga provides a multitude of techniques to strengthen, balance, and call on the power of this navel point.


The person who has mastered the Third Chakra knows how to initiate and complete an action. That is why the Third Chakra associated with the archetype of the spiritual warrior: one who is able to know one’s mission and formulate the energy to act and complete it; to live with commitment, discipline, and stamina; to obey one’s highest consciousness and command one’s mind and senses.

As spiritual warriors in the Aquarian Age we cultivate the qualities of living and dying fearlessly. The fear of death blocks our ability to live life fully. The essence of a spiritual warrior is fearlessness, an ability to act with integrity regardless of conditions. Develop the Agni Tattva and a strong, balanced Third Chakra, and enjoy life as a spiritual warrior – a life of courage, grit, calibre and fortitude.

The Agni Tattva reflects the brilliance of the soul, the insight and intuition of the mind, and greater awareness. It is the light which gives rise to forms. The Agni Tattva brings us the insight, will and leadership needed as we transition into the Aquarian Age.

The Agni Tattva can help us to harmonize the pulse of the Third Chakra, to transform anger to commitment, and heal mind and body so we can express the soul. Ride this fire with purpose, balance, and grace. Burn through your fears and rise to your highest destiny.


It is no surprise that Lightness of Being facilitator, Nancy Zabaneh who moderated the Kundalini Odyssey retreat suggested this particular 40-day meditation challenge. As an experienced Kundalini Yoga teacher, she realises that developing the attitudinal ‘musculature’ to strengthen discipline and the aptitude to ride through short-term discomfort in order to reach a desired objective, is the key to self-mastery.

The Information Age has infiltrated every aspect of our lives and as the demands we face increase daily, we not only want something to help us to navigate the challenges of our time—we need something. Kundalini yoga is an exquisite technology, which offers tools to develop the grit, grace and endurance necessary to face life. This practice works powerfully on the glands and the nervous system – continuous effort is the key to unlocking potential. We must dare to tap into our greatness and doing so takes commitment. It is essential in life to have a practice that allows us to clear the mind clutter out, tap into that reserve energy and open the doorways of trajectory.


This psychotherapeutic approach developed in part by renowned Hungarian-Canadian physician and addiction expert, Dr. Gabor Maté calls for a caring approach toward addiction, whether in ourselves or in others. Dr. Maté believes that the source of addictions is not to be found in genes but in the early childhood environment. Maté’s best-selling book In The Realm Of Hungry Ghosts, draws on pioneering research and real-life testimonials to show that all addictions originate in trauma and emotional loss.

Dr. Gabor Maté reveals what lies beneath the appearance we present to the world.
A mentee of two of Mate’s healing protocols, Compassionate Inquiry and Beyond Addiction, Nancy Zabaneh shares her learning and techniques with clients and students across the Arab world. By using Compassionate Inquiry, both the individual and therapist unveil the level of consciousness, mental climate, hidden assumptions, implicit memories and body states that form the real message that words both express and conceal. This healing method is designed to help people recognize the unconscious dynamics that often run their lives. Beyond Addiction on the other hand is geared toward supporting those who wish to establish healthy thought patterns and behaviours and manifest a more fulfilling life.

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