Zoë Marsh went to discover more about this trending Middle East franchise, which launched in the emirate last year.

Everyone is busy being busy so the concept of convenience matches perfectly with the UAE lifestyle.

Andre Fox-Martins Territory Manager

The Promise

9Round is different because it includes everything you need: a full-body workout that’s fast, effective and fun… personal trainers to help you… and expert nutritional guidance. And it’s all based on the latest exercise and nutritional science.

Located in Dubai’s Sheikh Zayed road, with over 600 branches across 13 countries, US born 9Round is now a global phenomenon.With Dubai’s frenetic vibe, finding time for fitness can be tough. But at 9Round there’s no class schedule; you just turn up, meet a trainer and begin a workout immediately.


Ready Stead Go

It works like this, in a 30-minute circuit you move between 9 stations coached by a trainer. At each station 3 minutes exercise is followed by a 30 second transition period before you progress to the next one. The constant rotation means that no one arriving has to wait for longer than it takes to eat a protein bar. Bang on trend, this high intensity interval training burns 500 calories each time you go. After a warm up on station 1, the circuit continues with strength training using dumbbells or kettle bells on station two. “The science behind it is that the workout focuses on industry, has increased the membership base by 40% since joining 9Round last month.

Experience Breeds Expertise

Andre attributes the clubs worldwide success to the in-house trainers. “They are the superstars because they run the business,” he says. Every trainer coming the energy systems and obviously helps you to lose weight, tone muscles, increase your stamina and fitness in general,” explains Andre.

Stations 3 to 8 are where the boxing gloves come into play and there are fun cardio vascular kickboxing and boxing movements. Finally on station 9 the focus of this full body workout is on the core.

These half hour sessions have proved a hit from the get-go but Andre, a former Personal Trainer himself with over 10 years experience in the fitness to us at entry level has the opportunity to become a branch manager because on the development side no one is recruited from outside to handle the operations of the club.


Sweet Deal

Taking this step requires no personal investment and offers a full basic salary along with a comprehensive package that includes insurances and flight tickets. “We also give them a bonus when the club reaches profitability we share a percentage of that with the staff,” he explains.

As Territory manager Andre is responsible for operating the clubs but his primary main aim is to expand them here. “There will be new branch in JLT soon and the goal is by
the end of 2018 we’ll have five running and up to 50 by 2023.”

Slow But Steady

The process of setting up the business in the UAE has proven more problematic than other countries due to the licensing and approvals needed to get things done. As Andre observes, “In Turkey it takes 45 days to open up at a site from the time we find the location whereas in the UAE it takes 4 to 6 months.” Another challenge is finding the right contractors to get jobs done to a high quality and by required deadlines.

Plus Point

The 9Round Clubs run within small facilities, making it easier to find locations. They are
also easy to operate with simple, low maintenance equipment. With future plans to overhaul their social media content and three marketing agreements in place 9Round is going all out to pack a punch in the business world. Its up for any fight and determined to win.

The Feedback

Catherine Hanson- Farid, Director REPs “I consider myself pretty fit and three minutes on each station sounded like a breeze, however even I was challenged to get through them without being out of breath! What I love the most about this concept is the fact that you are not governed by time, you pretty much start the class whenever you get there as they begin every 3 minutes. Also as a firm believer in short intense workouts, this definitely ticks that box. Incorporating this workout a couple of times a week into anyones exercise regime is a sure way to staying fit.”

Lisa Durante, Editor, Fitness Matters “Historically I’m not the biggest kick-boxing fan as those punches flying towards me can be unnerving. However, I was open to persuasion and tried this 30-minute functional training blast. I was not disappointed. It was fast, it was intense and it was thorough. I loved having my own personal trainer to kick my butt. I’m actually planning to commit to going twice a week, as the entire process was convenient and effective. Just my kind of workout.”

Try 9R for free. For details visit www.9round.com