A Holiday Or A Retreat? Think Twice..

With people nowadays working above 65 years old and above 40 hours a week, the concept of a holiday that does not completely relax doesn’t support the healthy longevity that is a must-have rather than a nice-to-have in these past-paced times. Health aside, our serotonin and dopamine levels will never skyrocket if we over-indulge and stress instead of unwind.

Holidays: A Materialistic Indulgence?

We know what a typical holiday entails. Whether a beach, ski resort or sightseeing, getaways always include three key elements: Fun, food and shopping. However, despite all the enjoyment, we often end holidays physically drained and in need of a second holiday to unwind from the first.

Which Getaway Best Matches Your Needs?

Even though they may both take place away from home and often somewhere exotic, a retreat is nothing like a holiday. Each takes us on a different pathway, often with different destinations.  Lisa Durante, founder of WELLNESSworld.blog explains why she established Lightness Of Being; retreats that are lovingly curated to foster optimal vitality. Lightness Of Being explores wellness travel in evocative locations, accompanied by experienced holistic practitioners dedicated to healing & enjoyment. The local workshops and events offer a powerful platform for thought leaders to inform and inspire the growing community of well-being seekers.. “Every time I went on holiday, I would put on weight and max out my credit card. This spiral would cancel out any positive effects that a getaway was designed to give me. This is why two years ago, I started LOB as a means of having an inspiring experience in an exotic location where I return home refreshed and enriched with a new group of friends.”

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeing new landscapes but in having new eyes.   – Marcel Proust

Retreats: A Quest To Re-charge

Does her dilemma resonate with you? If so, travelling to enhance wellness could make sense. Additionally, if deepening a holistic practice or meeting like-minded people appeals, then there is a retreat to suit every taste, budget or proclivity. Lisa explains, “With Lightness Of Being Retreats, we have explored a variety of themes. From Kundalini Yoga and surfing in Sri Lanka, to intuitive painting in Greece and chakra balancing in India. The aim is to embark on a journey that is transformational and exotic – both internally as well as externally.”

Find Yourself By Getting Lost In Travel

Held in evocative natural settings, Lightness Of Being Retreats offer different levels of physical exercise based on the group and positioning of the experience, retreats typologies abound…

Retreats highlighting detox and fasting: Targeted towards those who need a powerful wellness reboot, from weight loss and habit modification to toxin reduction.

Retreats highlighting yoga and meditation: The internet is awash with these types of retreats, as yoga and meditation are a perfect combination to enrich holistic well-being.  Nancy Zabaneh, an accredited Kundalini Yoga instructor and integrative wellness coach in the realm of mentoring, emotional intelligence and motivational speaking, has headlined an LOB in Sri Lanka with daily Kundalini Yoga as the foundation of the 6-night 5–day experience. “I see my mission as helping individuals ramp up their internal reservoirs of energy and thereby connect deeply with their higher selves, this paves the way for collective consciousness and encourages community building.” Nancy’s dynamic Kundalini practice has yielded such positive results that her next LOB retreat in Zanzibar is already fully booked, six months in advance.

Nancy ZabanehWith another retreat in Palestine being planned, Nancy is keen to ensure that her retreats forge community building that extends beyond the usual trappings of an exotic getaway. “Ultimately the journey of life is to become comfortable with being uncomfortable. A retreat should not only delight, it should also deepen our common humanity and propel us into giving service. And with a unique location like Palestine, where the juxtaposition of bitter and sweet are so starkly contrasted, she is confident that the environment, as well as the galvanizing power of this ancient yogic technology will ignite powerful shifts in every participant.

Inspiration Is The Key To Smart Living

Regardless of the different categories of retreats available, motivation as a driving force to reprogram the subconscious mind and to ignite self-actualisation is the ultimate goal. In developed societies, people of all ages are becoming increasingly aware of the unsustainable nature of consumerism to yield happiness. For this reason they are moving away from the short term thrill of buying ‘stuff’ and opting for the long term benefits of investing in ‘experiences. ’ As Lisa concludes, “I laughingly tell those considering joining one of our LOB retreats: connect to what matters. After all you need a new handbag like you need a hole in the head. They get it!”