A Travel Writer’s Favourite Locations

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Elizabeth Kate Beeston, travel writer at WhyWander.com shares her fave locations.

Arathusa Safari Lodge, Sabi Sand Game Reserve, Kruger National Park, South Africa:

Perfect for: A romantic couples trip away, a solo adventure of a lifetime or an unforgettable family getaway.

Adjacent to Kruger National Park, the enchanting Arathusa boasts access to the exclusive Sabi Sands Game Reserve, home to an array of wild animals including cheetah, lions, elephants, buffalo and hippos. With rooms overlooking the watering hole, experience the bush and the animals that live there. The onsite spa caters for weary mums and boasts wraps, scrubs and bathing ceremonies. The lodge works tirelessly towards conservation and guests can head out on bush walks, on guided safaris or watch the natural wildlife roam from their thatched roof rooms, complete with outdoor showers and verandas that unveil the sunset over Africa.

Lonhea, Villars-sur-Ollon, Switzerland

Perfect for: Couples and mother/daughter trips or for those in need of a health kick.

Located in western Switzerland, the Lonhea is a newcomer on the scene with nutritionists, trainers, chiropractors and personal trainers on hand to whip you into tip top shape. Wellness is no joke here and upon arrival you’ll be quizzed for no less than four hours about your diet, health and fitness. Equipped with doctors who have worked with Olympic athletes, this is the kind of place you come to see results, fast. Each guest receives support after their trip for four months to avoid packing back on the pounds and typical days are spend swimming at the indoor pool, detoxifying in the infrared sauna, doing yoga, gymnastics, strength training or participating in inspiratory muscle training exercises.

Willka T’ika, Urubamba, Peru:

Perfect for: Tired travellers who love yoga, meditation and are looking for total rejuvenation.

Deep in the heart of the Peruvian Valley lies a hidden little eco retreat, the enchanting and heavenly Willka T’ika, meaning ‘sacred flower.’ There are healing sessions, seven magical chakra gardens, Shamanic practices and yoga is practiced daily. When the sun goes down, after a relaxing day of painting, playing music or earth dancing to energise your chakra, why not indulge in a solar bath in the fragrant gardens and indulge in some delicious vegetarian cuisine? If you’re a humanitarian at heart, Carol, the Willka’s owner, organises day trips to teach at Peruvian schools 14,000 feet high where you can give back to the community. For the ultimate in travel, why not combine a journey to Machu Picchu, Cusco and the Sacred Valley Incan sites with a detox at the gorgeous Willka T’ika? It may just change your life.

Vana Malsi Estate, Uttarakhand, India

Perfect for: Single gals and groups of friends looking to shed those pesky pounds.

If you are looking for weight loss, spiritual awareness and quiet time, Vana, meaning forest in Sanskrit, is a newly established boutique retreat in the Himalayan woodlands. With no less than 56 Ayurvedic treatments to indulge in and 150 Indian, Tibetan and Chinese therapies to heal your ‘inner temple’, you are spoiled for choice as you head out for walks on the 21 acre estate, partake in yoga classes and inhale the freshest mountain air around. The retreats most popular programs include yoga and weight management and the simple yet classy

rooms are decked out with paintings by Tibetan monks. Be lulled into relaxation by the local flautist’s music that can be heard throughout the hotel, and conveniently also doubles up as a sound vibration healer.

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