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Welcome to the flagship online publication from the Global Village Partnership’s international publishing network. (www.gvpedia.com)

Wellness World is targeted at everyone who is passionate about improving wellbeing and quality of life by making smart choices for themselves and the world at large.
Our readers are global citizens keen to discover the latest innovations in the field of evidence-based solutions for radiance and optimal vitality.

Wellness World followers have a strong sense of self, confidence and poise. They enjoy a thirst for life and a desire to cultivate quality by making informed decisions. With a quest to unveil the best in themselves, they believe that the best of society can unfold by living consciously and so do we…

Positioned at the pinnacle of ‘tradigital’ publishing and committed to delivering superior editorial across diverse platforms, the experienced in-house team produces outstanding content that both inspires and challenges the reader. Wellness World is clearly the thinking person’s magazine.


“Through insightful and compelling content, we foster a community of wellness seekers. Wellness World Blog is a window into the exciting panorama of information that spans Integrative and Aesthetic Medicine, holistic healing, predictive healthcare and preventive diagnostics related to products as well as services for healthy-ageing and optimal fitness.” 


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Flat Belly Hacks If you think that Gwyneth Paltrow has materialised these abs miraculously, think again? Her taut mid-rift stands the test of time thanks...

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