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“I am 45 years old, darkish skinned and my complexion is patchy no matter how carefully I take care of it. My diet is excellent, I drink plenty of water, I wear sun block and I exercise, so please advise something that really works.” Z.A.R. Abu Dhabi

While there may be a genetic predisposition to your skin condition, if your lifestyle and hormones are balanced, there is no reason why you cannot obtain a beautifully even- toned complexion. Nowadays there are several fast, non-invasive ways to give you a naturally rejuvenated look. I use a new skin treatment called SKINJET, both for myself and also for many clients.


This is a versatile technology which can tackle your patchiness safely and effectively. The SKINJET treatment is a complete anti-ageing non-invasive technology for a range of aesthetic needs. This is thanks to four innovative functions that simultaneously restore the skin via pain-free skin resurfacing.


The SKINJET four-fold treatment starts with dead skin exfoliation to erase impurities using a particle-free patented exfoliating tab that gently lifts-off dead skin layer while simultaneously hydrating the healthy underlying skin. The removal of the skin’s outer layer buffs off age, sun and acne damaged skin restoring its radiance. In your case, the uneven tone should disappear within a few sessions.

SKINJET’s toning and lifting technology ensures an excellent look-good boost. Then micro-pulsation technology followed by the application of a patented form of ultrasound and non-invasive mesotherapy enhanced with LED red and blue lights provides improvement in tissue firmness and vitality within minutes.


Immediately effective, after SKINJET your complexion glows with radiance and restored hydration. Longer term results are typically observed after several regular treatments once the new collagen/elastin appears, the results can last for months.


Although I have not examined your face, SKINJET is suitable for all skin types and ages. In terms of mature complexions, it speeds up collagen turn over and offers overall pore refinement.


• It is a swift patented method along with a 19.6% improvement in skin structure and elasticity after only five minutes of face treatment.

• SKINJET unveils a visibly improved complexion and stimulation of skin’s rejuvenating processes without irritation or downtime.

SKINJET is available at Lesprit Medical Clinic run by Margaret Lorimer. Since 1991, the clinic specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of skin problems, as well as cosmetic dermatology and laser treatments, and is renowned for pioneering new aesthetic treatments.

DURATION 60 min | COST Dhs 2500


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- lightness of being wellness retreat -