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Doesn’t it often seem like celebrities never age? Or worse – for us mere mortals – they age in reverse, looking more fantastic as the years go on. We did some investigating on exactly what keeps these divas, in the Spring of their lives, looking so radiant.

Powerfully Pale with Julianne Moore

With skin cancer affecting one in every woman in the alone in, this porcelain-skinned actress wears high- SPF sunscreen every day, come rain or shine.

What does she do? She drinks water with apple cider vinegar that releases vital anti-oxidants into the bloodstream, fighting inflammation and unveiling a dewy complexion that is her hallmark look.

As a delicate skin type A, I make a habit of crossing the street to walk on the shady side. Avoiding the sun is why I’m fairly wrinkle-free at 51.

Teenage Freshness with Sandra Bullock


Sandra Bullock is the quintessential girl-next-door. But at and with an adopted toddler in tow, she is no girl anymore.

What does she do? It may sound icky but is it true. The lady in question uses haemorrhoid cream under her eyes and she claims it removes all wrinkles. It contains polyphenols that stimulate collagen and smoothen fine lines indefinitely. Fact is indeed stranger than fiction.

I use products with extracts of spinach, rosemary and evening primrose oil. They all contain an ingredient called Cardiolipin/L-Carnosine Liposome which lightens and whitens skin naturally. I also like Vitamin C based sunscreen spritzers for sun protection when I’m on set.While we may not be able to wave a magic wand and look 10 years younger, here’s a start! Our recipe for an Anti-Ageing Smoothie.

Smooth, Wrinkle-Free Eyes with Jennifer Lopez

Look closely there s no crows feet nor shadows to be seen around Jennifer Lopez’s smiling eyes. Aside from the avoidance of bad habits like smoking and immoderate drinking, preventing fine lines requires moisturisation, hydration and ingredients to stimulate cell turnover. Why? Even collagen production gets lazy over time.

What does she do? She uses eye wrinkle concentrate creams containing Strivectin SD. Originally formulated as a stretch mark and scar treatment, Strivectin boosts the peptide content and contains the mysteriously named NIA-114, claimed to stimulate generation of new skin layers. After four weeks of continuous use, not only do wrinkles diminish, but people even get a face lift from reduced puffiness.

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