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As a musician, I’ve always believed that sound has a greater power than we realise with the capacity to affect lives in extraordinary ways. After all, sound is one of the world’s only universal languages connecting all humans. Isn’t that extraordinary? Science not only proves this connection, it also demonstrates its measurable healing benefits.

As evidenced by Einstein and simply put, everything we experience in this universe is our perception of waves. Even our own bodies are constantly vibrating and emitting measurable frequencies. All these waves are recognised by the brain, which then triggers some sort of response in the body. Dr. Masaro Emoto is renowned for his Water Crystal experiment where he observed the effect of conscious intention and words (both transmitted through waves) on the formation of crystals. If this is the effect waves have on water, imagine the effect waves can have on our brain and bodies (60% of which is made up of water).


The Magic of Mantra

Since time immemorial, sound has been used for healing in all cultures, like in the ancient Egyptian and Greek cultures. In India, the epitome of healing practices, these sound modalities are known as mantra. Particularly shared in practices like Kundalini yoga, Sound therapy of this nature has now moved into the mainstream with Kundalini music group White Sun winning the Grammy Award for Best New Age Album in 2018.

How it Works

Mantra and sound therapy is being increasingly used to help treat patients dealing with chronic pain, cancer, stress-related illnesses, tinnitus, mild depression, anxiety and arthritis. The appropriate sound heals by matching frequencies to those that a patient requires to address a condition, or to simply relax. This is because the brain responds to sound by ‘creating our own intrinsic music’ that adapts to it. Essentially, we can ‘reharmonise’ the vibrations of our body by playing specific sounds that interfere with distorted brain waves to balance them for wellbeing. This in turn calms the parasympathetic nervous system, sending out the proverbial ‘feel good’ hormones like serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin.


Experience Celestial Communication by Nancy Zabaneh

My Take On It

I recently discovered that listening to specific frequencies can have interesting effects on the brain. I experimented with this found that it helped me relax and focus. Why? Experts explain that brain waves are divided into different bandwidths and that listening to these frequencies in a recording can increase the prevalence of these in the brain.


This Is What I Tried

Delta waves

These have a bandwidth of 0.5 – 3 Hz. They mainly occur in your brain during deep sleep. Listening to delta waves can help induce deep sleep, regulate body functions and increasing empathy, intuition and help your body regenerate and heal. Listen to this video below to give it a go!

Alpha waves

These have a bandwidth of 8 – 12 Hz. They occur in your brain during daydreaming and meditation, when you have no unwanted thoughts. Listening to alpha waves can help concentration, boost creativity and brain power, increasing serotonin levels. Don’t believe me? Try playing this video next time you need to concentrate and get work done.

Binaural Beat

Another amazing way you can use sound to enhance wellbeing is by listening to two different sine waves in each ear respectively. This creates a third internal tone called the ‘binaural beat’ by connecting the two hemispheres of the brain. This helps synchronise the brain, increasing clarity and tranquillity. Next time you need peace of mind, listen to this video.

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