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What is the best way of working our way to harmonic curves? Every woman is on a quest to achieve a better shape. Here are some of the best (and fun) exercises to do to achieve that celebrity body.

Get Fast

Try ‘Sprintervals’, an easy yet effective technique that helps losing weight from the tummy, hips and thigh area. For the first eight seconds, pedal as fast as you can and then cycle slowly for 12 seconds. Follow the trend for at least 20 minutes.

Get Belly Dancing

Born in the Arab world, but popular also elsewhere, these hip-swaying steps work wonders to flatten your tummy. Haifa Wehbe, known for her belly dancing prowess and her various stage performances on the Arab Idol, loves to balance herself on the left foot as she gradually moves the right foot forward. Then she moves her right hip up and drops it like its hot…

I have been blessed with a curvaceous figure as my mother before me. I practice Moroccan belly dancing but actually prefer the more traditional Egyptian dance moves. Both are great workouts that contour my tummy and hips, keeping me focussed, so I don’t get bored.
– Haifa Wehbe

Skip, Skip, Skip

Not everyone can manage a Double Dutch Skip like this 41-year-old actress star, Cameron Diaz, that is often spotted leaping in the air and bouncing from one well-heeled foot to the other as the ropes swing in alternate directions. She believes in lifting heavy weights and performing fewer reps for a toned body. To get the perfect rope length, hold the rope in your hands and stand on it. Now bring the handles to your chest and collect any slacks. Build up the routine to 20-30 minutes every day.

Some have even accused me of glute-botox and silicone implants. The truth is I work my glutes by skipping. – Cameron Diaz

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