Classics To Make You Smile

Take Bob Marley’s ‘Three Little Birds’ or Aretha Franklin’s ‘Respect’; sometimes, in the history of music, someone will write a song that endures powerfully, forever. These classics make history and often become universally adored by people of all ages, all over the world.

Below are 4 great songs that have healed millions for decades. I have handpicked these tunes from Isa’s Healing Music playlist, submitted to me by a cross-section of people who claim that these songs carry them to a healing place.

The World Is Yours, Nas (1994)

This timeless track is considered to be one of the best hip-hop songs ever recorded. Nas raps about the struggles of growing up in New York City, speaking about overcoming poverty, violence and racism. It holds the message that with hard work you can achieve anything you want in this world. Together with the uplifting beat, the song is both feel-good and inspirational and you definitely don’t have to be a hip-hop lover to jam to it.

Sun King, The Beatles (1969)

The world has been listening to The Beatles for over half a century. Although this Beatles’ song isn’t as famous as some of their others, it’s definitely one that stands out to anyone who listens to Abbey Road for its therapeutic power. Paolo, a DJ and producer based in New York, says that “This song just reminds me of the sun, it’s warm and it heats you up. The beautiful harmonies and instrumentation wraps you up like the warmth of the sun. It feels like you’re surrendering to a greater power, one that loves you and comforts you. I listen to it when I need comfort and it makes me smile every time.”

How’s Your Sound Health? Did you know that frequent exposure to noise can shorten life expectancy?

Reckoner, Radiohead (2008)

Radiohead’s music has touched the heart of millions for 20 years. Their music is full of melodies and words that are endearing and transformational. ‘Reckoner’ is about reckoning with the fact that you don’t live forever and that you should love living in the present. Juan Felipe, a high school student from Colombia, says that “The angelic vocals and the fluid groove allows me to transcend the setting I’m in. When I listen to this song, it reminds me that life is beautiful regardless of its meaning. We love to ascribe meaning to everything and this song kinda goes like ‘you know what, go with flow, every moment counts, why worry about the future when we could be enjoying the moment?”

Everybody Loves the Sunshine, Roy Ayers (1976)

This great track connects humanity because everybody loves the sunshine. Roy Ayers says he got inspiration for the song on a “beautiful, hot, sunny day” and the lyrics are full of summer chillin’ imagery and melodies. The song makes us forget about our troubles, and reminds us that sometimes we just have to sit back and enjoy the sunshine.

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