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Khaleej Times 2017 - UAE to celebrate 'Emirati Women's Day'

How will you celebrate Emirati Women’s Day this year? The date for this celebration was chosen by Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak in 2015 and it marks the anniversary of the UAE’s General Women’s Union, founded in 1975. It is a day dedicated to paying tribute to Emirati Women from all walks of life and to recognize their achievements, efforts and perseverance in the region.

Sheikha Fatima announced that the theme of this year’s Emirati Women’s Day is “Women on the Course of Zayed.” She maintains that the achievements of Emirati women today are thanks to the devoted efforts of Shiekh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the UAE’s founder, to empower, encourage and champion Emirati women. Sheikha Fatima believes that, as a result of the late Sheikh Zayed’s efforts, “Gender balance has been achieved in the UAE” as “women are present in all technical and professional jobs and in all government and private sectors, and they have proved their merit in advancing the country’s development.”

Emirati Women Today

There are numerous facts to back up Sheikha Fatima’s statement and that demonstrate that Emirati women are important decision makers who play a huge role in the UAE community:

  • The permanent representative of the UAE to the UN is currently a woman as of 2013
  • 7 Emirati ambassadors and consul around the world are women
  • 8 of the 29 ministerial portfolios in the UAE are led by Emirati women
  • 66% of those employed in governmental jobs are Emirati women
  • 30% of the senior decision-making positions in the UAE government are occupied by Emirati women
  • 65% of the university graduates in the UAE are Emirati women

Last year, the UAE also had the highest number of women included on Forbes’ Top 100 Powerful Arab Business Women list, with 18 leading ladies. And while you’re checking that out, also take a look at this list of 10 Emirati Women Shaping the Future of the UAE by emirateswomen.com.

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Great Tributes from 2017

Numerous companies across the UAE paid tribute to the strong women in their workforces via social media in celebration of last year’s Emirati Women’s Day. Below, are two inspiring examples.

The Mubadala Investment Company demonstrated their support of women in the UAE with this video that featured an inspiring Emirati woman in one of the company’s leadership positions, Umayma Abubakar. She is the Head of Internal Corporate Relations of the multi-billion-dirham investment fund and is the main role model for her daughter, who also features in the video.

Dubai Airport on the other hand showed their support for Emirati women through an inspirational video about 3 women who occupy leadership roles in the company. The video highlights the idea that, today, Emirati women have the capacity to become anything they dream of, regardless of their gender.

We’re looking forward to seeing what wonderful homages this year’s Emirati Women’s Day will bring and continue to send our love and support to all the great women in the UAE!

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