When it comes to wellness getaways, celebrities are experts at sourcing the most lush and secluded retreats worldwide. They pick Instagram-ready resorts where detoxing from their hectic lives is not just a nice-to-have but also a must-have.

Hooked on this trending wellness craze, celebrities like Madonna, Naomi Campbell and Rihanna have been choosing to spend sultry days in havens dedicated to reinvigorated body and mind.



Perfect for: Those in search of a total body reboot. If you are seriously looking to shed excess pounds in a hurry, then don’t think twice about booking at the Lake Austin Spa. With a whopping 100 fusion spa therapies and group classes that include meditation, yoga on paddleboards, strength training, hydro bike, boot camp, foam roller remedy and cardio dance party, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

The additional ‘discovery programs’ like astronomy and painting classes, tarot card reading and Ayurvedic sessions, cooking demonstrations and even metabolism composition classes add a holistic element to this carefully crafted wellness retreat experience in the heart of Texas.

Rooms are spacious yet cozy and atmospheric enveloped by a lovely family feel that leaves guests feeling as fit and fabulous as they feel warm and fuzzy inside.




Perfect for: Boho chic couples and single travellers looking to escape the rat race and unwind. If there is any single place for people to ‘lose’ themselves in, it’s Luang Prabang in Laos. With its quaint boutiques and café-packed backstreet lanes, Luang Prabangis is ideal for true Asia spa wellness aficionados .

La Residence is a unique retreat run by the Orient Express that gives guests the opportunity to experience true wellness bliss.

Mornings are spent in spa indulgences such as the Om harmony bath which involves black sesame seeds and rice being massaged into your body to improve circulation and exfoliation. Evenings are spent bike riding, browsing the local shops or enjoying the vast fragrant gardens with a cool beverage or two. Heaven.