FAQs : Soul Sisters Retreat

A lot of excitement is going on as Lightness Of Being opens up registration for the upcoming women-exclusive retreat in the tropical paradise of Kerala-India with accredited therapists duo- Amal and Amany. Naturally, many general queries about the trip will start arising, therefore we have compiled answers for some of the most frequently asked questions about this particular trip to India.


Q. Do I need a visa to go to India?Visa for India
A. Yes. You need a visa to get into India. There are 2 visa options:
Here is the link for arranging either visa option:


NOTE: Check your passport has at least 180 days left before it expires (this is required when getting your tourist visa).

Q. Do I need a valid Passport to go to India?Saudi Passport
A. Yes. Your current Passport needs to be valid for a minimum of 6 months from the date of the visa application and must have at least 2 blank pages.

Q. Will we be staying at one accommodation the entire time?The Raviz Kadavu Resort and Spa
A. Yes. We will be at The Raviz Kadavu Resort & Spa for the entirety of the trip so that we can immerse ourselves fully into the amazing daily scene this beautiful place encompasses.
Our group will be focused on deepening and moving inwards on our personal spiritual journey and the cultural exchange that comes with grounding in one amazing place. This isn’t really possible to do if you’re moving around every couple of days.

Q. Can we indicate who we want to share a room with? 
A. Absolutely. If you’re traveling with your mother, sister, daughter or friend and want to room together, just mention it in your registration application.

Q. Do I have to bring my own linens / yoga mat?muslim woman doing yoga
A. No. Bed linens and towels are included onsite and a yoga mat and props will be provided as well.

Q. Are the activities listed in the online factsheet reflective of everything we will be doing, or could there be potential for more as we go?
A. The activities listed are the activities planned for the retreat. If you would like to see other nearby sites, or other parts of India, we highly recommend it. But please do this either before or after our retreat time together.

Q. What if there is an activity/treatment I don’t want to participate in?
A. The planned activities are intended to provide you with a well-balanced, fulfilling experience. We highly encourage everyone  show up for all facets of the retreat. If you have any particular concerns and/or accommodation needs, please reach out to us directly. 

Q. So what about technology?woman holding smart phoneA. It is HIGHLY encouraged to take this opportunity to do a bit of a media-detox. Perhaps you’d like to do the unthinkable and turn that phone off, tuck it away, and take a moment simply for yourself. There will be no phones in the common areas.

Q. Do I need to take vaccinations for malaria or any other thing?Vaccination for India trip

A. You may wish to check with your doctor regarding inoculations and anti-malaria medications. It is not our personal experience that this is necessary. However, we recommend that you consult your doctor if you have any questions.

Q. What clothes should I bring?

A. Don’t bring too much. Bring with you clothes that will be enough for eight days. It is going to be warm. The temperature will be very pleasant, however it can get quite hot in the afternoons (20-35 Celsius/ 68-95 Fahrenheit). You may wish to have a warm under-layer e.g. a thermal top and bottoms plus socks for the cooler evenings. It will also be good to have a pashmina/ shawl for meditating.

Q. What is the difference between a Bronze Package and a Gold Package?

A. • The main difference between a Bronze Package and a Gold Package is the room category.
• The Bronze package includes a ‘Standard Room’, which is the simplest and most affordable room category available at the Raviz Kadavu.
• The Gold package includes a ‘river view room’, which offers three main advantages over the Bronze package or standard room:

1. All River view Rooms have a balcony with seating area. Standard rooms do not have a balcony.
2. All River view Rooms offer a beautiful view of the river and lake that surrounds the resort. Standard rooms have no special view.
3. River view Rooms are more spacious than Standard Rooms.

• The Standard Room is approximately 280 square feet, whereas the River-view Room is approximately 380 square feet.

What is common to both the Standard Room and the River view Room?

• Both room categories offer a choice of either one king bed or two twin beds.

• Both rooms come with air conditioning.

• Both rooms have a kettle with tea and coffee, mini fridge, safe, desk and chair, complimentary wifi, and many other amenities.

Which room is better?

• The River view Room is more spacious, more comfortable, and offers newer and better bathrooms.

• The River view Room also offers much better views and natural lighting.

Are there higher room categories than Bronze and Gold?

• Yes. There are four higher categories: Cottage, Deluxe Suite, Luxury Suite, and Presidential Suite. Pricing and details are available on request.


Lightness of Being in South India
Soul Sisters Retreat with Amal & Amany

  • Non refundable Deposit of US ($) 500.00 per person secures your spot.
    All payments to avail EARLY BIRD PRICES to be kindly made by 1st October 2019 and in USD ($) only.
  • Outstanding payment will be considered at regular price.
    All payments to avail REGULAR PRICE be made between 2nd October 2019 – 2nd December 2019 and in USD ($) only.
  • The participant is totally responsible for all payment transaction fees and bank charges that might be incurred.
  • All payments to be made to WELLNESSworld LLC and in US($) only.
    For booking cancellation up to 5th November 2019, a refund amounting to 75% will be covered, payable by the 25th December 2019 (excluding the deposit amount of USD $500.00).
  • Bookings will be completely NON REFUNDABLE from 5th November 2019 onwards.