For over 5000 years, Feng Shui, this ancient Chinese geomantic practice passed down the generations functions as an ‘Art of living’ to unveil harmony within our environment – be it at home, work, location or even city.

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From China where Feng Shui originated, to other cultures that have their own versions, it was recognized that life and destiny are intimately connected with the environment.

In Chinese, the term Feng Shui means ‘Wind and Water’ – two essential elements contributing to our life’s success, peace and prosperity.

Skeptics Move Aside

Nowadays, Feng Shui is mostly limited to a house, an office or a flat, but the ancient Feng Shui masters used to study vast spaces and territories to gauge if the energy of those places was suitable to the settlement of a village, the building of an imperial palace or the construction of a harbour.

Clearly it is important to use tools to sense the Energy (=Chi) of every place in order to understand it. After all, the whole Universe is energy.

Guiding Principles

Therefore every time you look for a new space it is paramount to assess the surrounding space. In Feng Shui, the ‘macroscope’ affects the ‘microscope’. Ask yourself this? Did you reach the property easily; did you have a good feeling upon entering? If so, these are all signals that the Chi (=energy) of a space is serving you well. If the answer is no, then the energy is already not supporting the property.

Universal Energy

Chi is present in all people, objects and elements. Quantum physics has proven this ancient belief scientifically. Every being has a specific Chi. In order to live harmoniously; understanding the Chi around us is key.

Feng Shui also studies the relationship between a place and people that living or working there. The main goal of what I do is to establish a powerful relationship between the person and the environmental energy. Once this relationship is aligned the person can achieve happiness and success more easily.

Visible Results

Once clients have taken on-board my advice, I often see how they look more grounded and radiate clarity and peacefulness. They feel recharged and motivated.

This is because we constantly absorb Energy around us. If the quality of this Chi is improved, we gradually feel better and more aligned. Feng Shui is also known as the Space Acupuncture, because it tries to realign the flow of Chi (Heaven, Human and Earth Chi) in our space.

Of course, Feng Shui can be done at different levels. A thorough consultation involves diverse aspects and includes studying the energy of the people that live or work in the house.

New Beginnings

To approach a new chapter of your life in a Feng Shui prospective, starting with a ‘space clearing therapy’ is a powerful decluttering exercise essential to allow the energy to move and work. Many of my clients have experienced it.

Heavy negative energy enveloping us leads to time wastage and feelings of unease, discomfort or even depression. Similarly, objects laden with heavy energy steal our attention and distract us. I encourage people to dispose of them to regain a healthier perspective of what’s important in life, instead of focusing on what propels negativity. Space clearing frees the energy of the house, giving our bodies renewed energy too. Clutter ties us obsessively to the past, denying us space for something new to arise. Freeing ourselves of useless and forgotten objects helps us deal with blocks in our lives to progress with renewed enthusiasm.

Fresh and Clean

Even though the weather may be challenging, regularly cleaning your A/C filters and opening windows even for few minutes at night is helpful. I suggest keeping your space as clean as you can even from dust. Use bio detergents and avoid chemical products; the more eco-friendly we are more we attract positive Chi.

Never Fear, Eurotek is Here…

Personal Power

The most formidable Feng Shui results are connected with the vibration of your house and your personal Chinese horoscope. If you know how the energy of your home and your personal destiny combine, you can organize your space in the most potent way.

As every person has a different personality every house has a different vibration, when I analyze a space I use different ‘styles’. This includes Ba Chop, Flying start, Yuen Home, Sam Hap and others. It’s fundamental to have a complete overview of the vibration of the house just like a physician will not only measure your blood pressure if you want a complete check up. Understanding how the energy permeates the property, how it enters the house and if the energy is strong enough to recharge and fulfill everyone living or working there.

Unique Dimensions

Clients often assume they already know where the ‘money corner’ or the ‘partner area’ are. It’s not so simple to establish that as each building has a different vibration, which combines with the energy of the Chinese horoscope. As a result, for some properties to ‘unlock’ prosperity lies in a certain direction and in some other property it is in another. My full check up includes a detailed study of the outside and the inside. When both of those aspects are clear it’s easy to enhance the ‘money area’ or discover where your ‘potential future partner’ is to be found.

Interconnected Patterns

Clients also wonder why they have a certain kind of life and why they are always facing the same problems. In this case I suggest looking into their personal Ba Zi chart that analyzes the combination between Year of Birth, Month of Birth, Day of Birth and Time of Birth. The combination of those five pillars is your destiny and your vibration. Thanks to this study you can discover which element is supporting you and which one is attacking you. Which animal is your friend and which ones you should avoid. You will finally understand what to do to smoothen your destiny.

Other clients use Feng Shui to identify in which industry they should invest in, or to create a Logo or a Brand that is supporting their unique energy. For some woman it’s a great to guide them on when they should focus on pregnancy and for some men, when to start a new business or start afresh career-wise.

Feng Shui at Work

Office space optimized by Feng Shui principles can make a difference in performance and results. Identifying the most suitable areas for customer reception, meeting places and the back office increases productivity. Colours, furniture location and orientation can often significantly enhance the dynamics of employee and customer movement through the workspace. More and more businesses are quietly working according to Feng Shui principles because managers have recognized the need to increase overall energy in the workplace.

I recently did a corporate consultation for a shop in a very empty tower, in a completely deserted commercial area. When I first went, I was impressed as all other shops where empty. The client was convinced about the Feng Shui and I was happy to provide a consultation. At the same time I was a bit doubtful regarding the result. I was wondering how the shop could get clients, as the ‘gallery’ was completely empty. Anyway I did my job and I provided the consultation. The client was exited and started implementing my advice immediately.

For few months – no news. A few weeks back she called me and introduced me to one of her best friends saying that she was so busy after the consultations; that she couldn’t even get the time to give me a call. This validation was a huge gift for me. Once again I was given proof that applying Feng Shui with the right attitude and with correct respect it works.


From working as a corporate lawyer to becoming an accredited master in this ancient geomantic art, Swiss-Italian Cristiano Falconi started conducting Feng Shui consultations for residential, office and corporate fields such as brand identity, marketing and communication strategy over 10 years ago. Living in harmonized spaces invites peace, safety and abundance through the calibration of subtle energies for specific purposes. By applying Feng Shui principals, Cristiano uses the energy of your unique space to inspire you to move on in life, be less stuck and become more successful.


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