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The seasons flow one into the other, the sun rises and sets bringing light out of shadow. It seems we are surrounded by the endless cycles of nature, and so it is within us. The four archetypes of the Goddess are within every woman and are intrinsically connected to our own natural cycle – our moon flow. The Maiden, The Mother, The Wild Woman and The Crone. I recently attended a life changing course with Dubai’s own Vanessa Woodthorpe-Wright, along with a beautiful sisterhood of magical, and powerful women. Here I learned how to get in touch with my flow, how to listen to my body and recognise the patterns within and without.

The Four Magical Archetypes Unveiled

“It seems we are surrounded by the endless cycles of nature, and so it is within us.”

The Maiden (Day 6 -12)

This is the time right after finishing your flow, the rebirth from the old death crone to the fresh virgin maiden. Oestrogen is rising and you’re regaining your strength and energy. The Maiden is a good time to get creative, give birth to new projects, get playful and enjoy your zest for life. The maiden sees the world through rose tinted glasses and finds the world around her beautiful, the world in turn finds her magnetic. Use your magnetism and fresh energy to your advantage. This is a good week to get your legs waxed, as the rising oestrogen produces pain masking endorphins.

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The Mother (Day 13-22)

The mother emerges most strongly during ovulation. She is the divine nurturer, the embodiment of our own mother, Mother Earth. The best way to take care of others, is to take care of yourself first. Nourish your body, your mind and your spirit. This is your time to bloom. The mother is the goddess of manifesting, everything flows through and with you. Ovulation happens to be when you are the most alluring, your body is telling you to attract. You may notice an even bigger energy boost as testosterone rises during ovulation.

The Wise Woman (Day 22-28)

Can also be referred to as the enchantress, the wild woman, or the medicine woman. A significant and misunderstood phase of your cycle. This is usually the time where you experience PMS symptoms, mood swings, pain and bloating. When I embrace my wise woman, I notice how much easier this phase becomes. When I ignore her, the typical female PMS stereotype invariably pops up. The Wise woman can be deeply healing. The time for ovulation is over so our oestrogen drops, we no longer need to attract. This is a good time to clear any tension or negativity you may have been ignoring during the Maiden and Mother phase. What comes up must come down, and if you’re feeling irritable perhaps it’s time to release excess emotional baggage. The wise woman can be an intense time of release and insight, you are connecting to your inner wisdom and ability to speak your truth. Isn’t that magical?


The Crone (Day 1-5)

And finally, we bleed. Releasing that beautiful life source of blood from our wombs. We continue our release from the Wise Woman and cocoon ourselves for a time of introspection and release. Your body will be telling you to rest, and you may not feel the desire to be in big crowds or around anyone at all. That’s fine. Ease into the archetype of death and rebirth by surrendering to what you feel. Bleeding is a beautiful thing, treasure your blood and be thankful for it. As the cycle comes to an end, a new one begins. We metaphorically die as The Crone and are reborn once again into The Maiden.

“As the cycle comes to an end, a new one begins.”

How can I connect with these archetypes and become sensitive to internal rhythms?

Journaling about it is a good place to start. Observe your cycle, the ebbs the flows (pun intended) and the recurring symptoms. Connect with your body and see how your inner world is connected to your physical one. Vanessa holds courses for women with a rich ritualistic approach to help them get in touch with these archetypes. vanessa@womanspace.co.

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Leoné Murphy is a South African singer/songwriter with a passion for sustainable and holistic living. She performs all over the UAE as a solo artist and writes about the wondrous journey of living plastic free and in harmony with Mother Earth.