Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis more than 15 years ago, Reevian Saied has been on a self-discovering journey, seeking ways to live optimally with her autoimmune condition. After reading dozens of books, researching alternative solutions, and making various lifestyle adjustments, she found health happens with balance, proper nutrition and self-care. Wanting to support others to take charge of their health, she eventually became a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach.

Functional Medicine.. A Domain On The Rise

Society is experiencing an epidemic of those who suffer from complex, chronic lifestyle diseases. Diabetes, heart disease, cancer, mental illness and autoimmune disorders are on the rise. A form of alternative medicine, functional medicine is a model of care that promotes wellness and helps both prevent and treat chronic disease. Functional doctors consider multiple factors to treat a patient. They look at nutrition, the unique genetic makeup of each individual or factors like environmental exposure to toxins and the aspects of modern lifestyles that influence chronic disease in globalized societies. With an overwhelming desire to empower people in their quest for optimal health, Reevian became a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach (FMCHC) and created TuneToTravel.com to share her experiences and help others take charge of their lives in a very personalized way.

 Food And Wellness.. A Neglected Connection

During the course of her journey, Reevian noticed doctors rarely addressed nutrition. Functional Medicine considers correct nutrition a fundamental pillar of vitality. As Medical Director at Cleveland’s Clinic’s Center For Functional Medicine, and a ten-time #1 New York Times Bestselling author, Dr. Mark Hyman believes that the fork is the most powerful tool to transform health and change the world.

Functional medicine is built on the foundation of conventional medicine, with a holistic view of the body. It focuses on:

· Prevention through nutrition, diet and exercise

· Use of laboratory testing and other diagnostic techniques

· Prescribed combinations of drugs and/or naturopathic drugs

·  Pharmaceutical grade supplements and vitamins

· Therapeutic diets and detoxification programs

· Stress-management techniques

Health Coaching Passion

Joining the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy (FMCA) in collaboration with the Institute For Functional Medicine (IFM) was a rewarding experience for Reevian. Using scientific based techniques such as motivational interviewing, positive psychology and mind-body medicine, she is now able to empower clients to make the necessary changes to enhance their health. The IFM’s support and belief that a health coach can play a significant role in the patient’s healing journey, was an indispensable part of her training. Believing that self-care is the key to healing, the FMCA training gave her more useful tools, techniques and skill sets to fulfill her dream.

Patients with chronic disorders need support in making lasting lifestyle changes, therefore, connecting with a health coach every two weeks for three to six months, can motivate patients into action.

Reevian believes a health coach is the missing link that could truly help patients transform their lives. Rather than focusing on organ specific dysfunctions and labelling a disease, addressing the mind, body and soul to enhance awareness of one’s reality, was exactly what she needed and now offers to others.

Is Functional Medicine Certified Health Coaching For You?

Conventional medicine doctors diagnose and treat disease, but are less adept at helping to change behavior. Therefore, a health coach is ideal in encouraging clients to make lasting lifestyle improvements. According to a 2014 systematic literature review, among adults with chronic diseases, health coaching leads to statistically significant improvements in weight management as well as physical and mental health.

Reevian finds that by listening to a client’s story, guiding them to make well defined measurable goals and holding them accountable, change happens. Using a tailored approach that focuses on individual character strengths, clients thrive and opportunities

open up as people of all ages and conditions strengthen their commitment and the confidence to live their best lives.

Are you ready to take control of your wellbeing? Could you benefit from that extra push to meet your health goals? If so, Tune to Travel’s 3-month program is for you. Simply fill in this contact form and get your free intro-consultation.



Reevian Saied, FMCHC