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At this time of the year, there’s no more appropriate holiday than a halal one. Janet Woollard from curates Muslim friendly getaways that adhere to Islamic standards, which are becoming increasingly important for many families.

Niche Tourism Is Going Mainstream

With an annual growth of 9 percent annually, evolving 50 percent faster than other global tourism sectors wellness travel is skyrocketing.  Travel to help restore natural balance and improve overall well-being is something that a standard holiday cannot deliver. Diala Tahboub explores.

Describing her mission when it comes to work as, “personal, caring and trustworthy”, Janet says that her toughest challenges come from customers with no idea of what sort of holiday they want. With countless opportunities for travel, customers want to experience more than just a city or beach.

For example, I recently had a request from a Muslim customer for 7 nights in Europe in July.  I spoke to him three times and now have narrowed the outline down to: direct flight from Dubai; mountains, lakes or beach; hotel or villa with pool; plus activities for children and above all, halal food options available.  Therefore, my job is about gently extracting what people envisage as their ideal getaway.

Moving Into The Digital Age?

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The online revolution has definitely improved the speed of how I deliver services.  I can quickly research locations, provide information and exchange knowledge with others in the travel and leisure industry.

Wellness Holidays Explored

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Increasingly people of all ages are keen to focus on transformational experiences dedicated to healthy lifestyle and well-being – mental, physical and social.  Whether it’s a boot camp, a yoga retreat  or a couple’s getaway, wellness holidays can focus solely on relaxation, counseling, rejuvenation or for fitness.

The Better You Do, The More Expectations You Raise… 

My mission is not just to please, but to delight no matter what. I work closely with customers to help to manage expectations through continuous dialogue.  They need and deserve to have as much information as possible about their chosen destination, which may include transportation, language, food etc. I often feel like I’m a travel encyclopedia!

Janet recently organized a corporate ski holiday for 20 people. There was a wide difference in age range and expertise. She had to take into consideration the location, accommodation and restaurants she was booking to satisfy all members of the group including a vegan and two vegetarians. This was achieved through constant communications made successful by managing the group’s expectations at every turn.

Travel Mishaps…

Everyone does it…missing a connecting flight. Janet recounts how she once left plenty of time between incoming and outgoing flights but unfortunately didn’t check the terminals.  She would have had time to get to the correct terminal however the incoming flight was delayed so the flight was missed.

With Janet It’s Personal

I am happy to meet the customer to work closely with the customer to ensure they get the best travel experience possible, whatever the request or budget.  For instance, given the season, I am now busy with Halal Travel options.

Janet’s services do not end once the customer has booked the holiday.  She is a phone call/Whatsapp message away to help with any changes, or issues a client may have – before travel or in location.  There is also a 24-hour helpline for emergencies. Janet always encourages them to download the MyTCApp before travel as they have access to all their travel documentation, and be notified of any changes e.g. flight cancellations or delays.  She always follow up with the customer once they return to discuss not only the positive aspects of their holiday but also to chat about anything that may not have gone smoothly.

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