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The term ‘Anti-Ageing’ is a misnomer as this branch of medicine is not focussed towards the ‘reversal of ageing’, rather the promotion of ‘healthy ageing.’ Forget about chronological age and focus on reducing biological age instead, through disease prevention, patient education and scientific screening to identify and treat the underlying causes rather than the mere symptoms of disease. How? Restoration of hormone imbalances via bio-identical hormone restoration, evidence-based use of vitamins, nutrients and herbal preparations, personalised diet modification, stem cell therapies and more. NewYou + ME checks out the latest progress in this rapidly evolving field.

I try to respect my body by not polluting it with unhealthy foods, toxic habits or addiction to negative thought patterns like anxiety, pessimism and anger. – Brad Pitt

Chronic Stress Not Only Ages, It Kills…

Over 80 percent of all heart-patient visits are secondary to stress-related bodily disorders. Cavemen needed the ‘fight and flight’ hormone, cortisol, to give them a rapid defensive response in case of the imminent attack from a wild animal. Nowadays whilst threats of this type are rare, emotional pressure brought on by the complexities of modern living – work, financial, family – engender a physical stress response sustained over prolonged periods which we feel powerless to control.

The Result? High blood pressure, heart disease, muscle tissue damage, immune system suppression and mental health issues.

The Remedy? The list is endless but Turmeric for its anti-oxidant capabilities and Vitamin D, Rhodiola, as well as Ashwaganda (Withania), emerge as winners to quell stress safely.

Poor Lifestyle Choices Age You…

It’s official. Smoking, alcohol, bad diets, sedentary lifestyles and chronic stress are compound preventable chronic diseases, like obesity, type 2 diabetes mellitus, hypertension, cardiovascular disease and several types of cancer. The cure is simple and affordable. Just live well and drugs or expensive medical facilities are not required. This is not surprising, because their rates have historically been extremely low in developing countries with few medical facilities. Among GCC adults, more than 90 percent of type II diabetes, 80 percent of CAD, 70 percent of stroke, and 70 percent of colon cancer cases are potentially preventable by a combination of smart lifestyle choices. Change today…

  1. Quit Smoking

Great a free quit smoking programme


  1. Exercise More

20-30 minutes daily, five days a week. Choose a REPs Accredited Personal Trainer


REPs UAE is the Register of Exercise Professionals. This is a public register which ensures that fitness trainers in the UAE are qualified and working to agreed fitness benchmarks.

  1. Avoid processed foods in cans and packets, refined sugars and trans-fats like margarine. Eat More fruits, vegetables and organic protein sources. Shop online in the region’s premier organic and biodynamic retailer.


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