Nicole and I met through work. Soft spoken, petite, and wonderfully warm, I felt instantly that dealing with her would be a pleasure. During an initial meeting, she talked about the practices and processes she uses as a healer. When she started talking about Intuitive Painting, I was intrigued. Before leaving, she casually looked at me and asked, “When are you free to come for a session?” Just like that. No fuss, no beating around the bush.

Art Therapy

Intuitive Painting

Soon after, I made my way her art studio, at home in Jumeirah, where Nicole explained more about Intuitive Painting and how it helps link implicit and explicit memories. This relaxing, semi-meditative process allows the participant to reframe personal feelings and situations to build a more positive sense of self and of the world at large. The role of a healer is to give participants the proper tools so they can safely access deep states of consciousness. After all, it’s by navigating in the profound recesses of our mind that the key to awareness, transformation and ultimately progress is engendered.

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Ready, Steady, Go

Nicole began my session by filling the studio with soothing music. She then asked me to clear my mind and talked me through a relaxation exercise. Next, I walked to the paints, picked two colours, and with my left hand, was given free reign of the sheet of paper in front of me. Once I finished, I was given a pen and paper and asked to write down a few things in relation to what I had painted. Simply put, I surprised myself by how easily my thoughts were flowing.

We all have the capacity to express ourselves creatively and get in touch with these emotions that we sometimes cannot articulate on a conscious level. This practice gives us some sense of control over those feelings and allows us to see beyond the resulting art work; to see the creative work we produced – not only as the way it is, but rather as the way we are.
– Nicole Haimari

Processing The Process

intuitive art

Part two of my session involved picking an emotion from the first painting and expanding on that feeling in a second painting. Nicole told me that I could choose two more colours and go through the same process, except this time, my focus was on the emotion we picked. After I finished each painting, Nicole ‘decoded’ it for me. From the colours I had used, what they meant, and the words and emotions I had chosen to give the shapes. I honestly never imagined that painting could be so telling.

The truth is, everyone comes with baggage. That’s just life! The important thing is to find the tools to learn how to ‘unpack’ in a way that isn’t harmful to you or people around you. There is no ‘one size fits all’ recipe when it comes to phobias, trauma, or anything emotional one is dealing with. It is however, wonderful to know that there are so many different options out there for people to try. Safe to say, I left the session that day feeling relaxed, and more importantly, hopeful – that so many processes exist to help, no matter what the issue.

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When And Why?

Nicole suggests a few instances where Intuitive Painting might be helpful…

  • When you feel you need to do inner child work.
  • When you feel you have engraved patterns that you need to understand the source of, and to let go of.
  • When you are grieving, or even in the process of forgiving.
  • When you’re a hostage to your own fears, wounds, scars etc., and you need to heal what lies beneath.

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About Nicole Haimari

nicole haimari

Nicole is an Intuitive Painting facilitator, certified Colour Therapist, experienced in Art Therapy. Nicole is also a Transformation Through Values facilitator. An ex-private banker with Masters degree in Economics and a mother of two, Nicole has been working in the healing and transformation realms for several years now. She deepened her spiritual journey through extended studies of the Akashic Records, expanding her experience in Intuitive Art and Transformational Techniques. Nicole executes workshops where she combines several technics to explore Mind, Body, and Soul themes.


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