Try surfing online and you will be inundated with medical tourism offerings of every ilk. From cosmetic surgery to dental treatments, countries as diverse as Hungary, Thailand and China are aggressively promoting themselves in a sector that is seeing rapid expansion worldwide.

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Medical tourism purportedly dates back to Ancient Greece when pilgrims throughout the Mediterranean travelled to Epidauria in the Saronic Gulf seeking remedies from the healing god Asklepios. “Medical tourism” is now defined by the Medical Tourism Association as the practice by which people from one country seek greater or equal medical care in another part of the world in an attempt to bypass higher medical costs (with a cost savings of up to 90 percent).

However, for the discerning few, Switzerland offers a level of medical tourism that is less based on affordability and more on ensuring impeccable standards of care and post-surgery comfort…Not only for the patient, but also for his/her extended family who often make a holiday of a medical trip to Switzerland. A speck in the heart of Europe, this Alpine nation exudes splendour and security in equal measure. From its superior hallmark products to its ethereal scenic beauty, that is Switzerland for you.

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However, let’s face it, no matter how enticing, medical tourism may carry risk. For example, the quality of care following surgery can vary significantly. Additionally, different countries have other infectious diseases and exposure to these infections without building up natural immunity can be dangerous, especially for individuals with weaker immune systems. Plus, travelling long distances following surgery can increase the risk of complications, whilst long flights can cause blood clots that have potentially serious consequences. This is why choosing the right environment is so important…

The Holistic Clinic

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Staying true to the country’s allure and channelling the same aesthetic appeal at an individual level is what the La Clinic in Montreux aims to achieve through its services. Founded in 2002, from the vision of renowned plastic surgeon, Dr Michel Pfulg, La Clinic unveils a holistic approach to beauty.

A Luxurious Setting

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Dr Pfulg, employs an avant-garde approach to cosmetic surgery. Together with his team of experts, they have created an elegant, private and peaceful environment in which to offer the most innovative beauty procedures.

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medical tourismThe in-house private Institut de Beauté employs a team of medical specialists providing aesthetic treatments that combine medicine, surgery and aesthetic dentistry. With nutrition and predictive anti-ageing services also becoming popular, those who invest in cosmetic procedures realise that achieving and maintaining radiance can only happen when inner wellbeing is also addressed.

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When all these premier services are rolled out amid a stunning lake view ambience, then the ultimate feel-good factor is increased even further. Somehow the Swiss can elevate everything, even cosmetic surgery, to an art.