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My wellness guru-buddy Catherine Hanson-Farid put me onto cardiologist-turned-nutrition celeb Dr Steve Gundry who is Tony Robbins’ and super model Gisele’s personal physician and his groundbreaking dietary insights based on evolutionary biology where he explains that many of us are not genetically programmed to eat certain foods we have considered healthy. She’s been devouring his latest bestseller The Plant Paradox that follows his previous book Dr Gundry’s Diet Evolution where he demonstrates that the current ‘globesity’ crisis could actually be exacerbated by lectins, one of the biggest diet destroyers out there.

What Are Lectins, Exactly?

Sounds harmless to humans but they are not…Lectins are plant proteins – a plant’s first defense mechanism against getting eaten by animals. Trouble is they can bind to every single cell in your body – which can damage your digestive system or lead to Leaky Gut Syndrome. A high enough dosage of lectins could even poison you. Depressingly, lectins are in lots of foods otherwise super healthy: beans, tomatoes, mangoes, watermelon, wheat, and more.

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So what should you do?

Start by reducing lectins-loaded foods or removing the peel and the seeds from them, as these are where the maximum volume are lectins are found.

  • Starchy refined foods like rice and pasta
  • Beans, peas (even snap peas), and legumes
  • Squashes and melons
  • Peppers (sweet or hot)
  • Foods in the nightshade family (tomatoes, potatoes and eggplants)
  • Grains and oils from grains (including corn)

But let’s be honest… you’re only human. You’re going to slip occasionally, or give in to tempting cravings. Since it’s not realistic to avoid all lectins-heavy foods, ensure they’re prepared correctly. That means soaking beans in multiple changes of water, fermenting foods, and cooking them completely.

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Dr. Gundry’s Method…

Steven Gundry

Stems from his research that started years ago at Yale University – that our mind and body are locked into an eons-old ‘computer program’ that is fundamental, logical and, ultimately, easy to control.

Humans are members of the great ape family, and great apes are distinguished by having a universal shoulder joint. This allowed us access to hanging fruit that other animals could not get. These fruits appeared in summer and when we found them, we feasted upon them. The sugars in those fruits were converted into fat in our bodies that allowed us to survive winters when food was scarce. Today when we eat fruit year-round, drink sugary beverages and/or consume “wholesome” grain products, – all high sugar foods – they send a long-ago programmed signal to our brain that it’s summer, we’ve hit the jackpot of a fruit tree and we would be crazy not to eat. The obesity epidemic today is a direct result of people eating the wrong foods as if they are in perpetual summer… accumulating fat for a winter that never comes.
– Dr. Steve Gundry

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