Milan Karmeli is a German-born psychosomatic therapist from a multi-cultural Syrian and Iranian family background. He is passionate about facilitating authentic and dynamic processes with people using a combination of cognitive and body-related therapeutic modalities.

In addition to private practice, he facilitates a variety of therapy and personal growth workshops all over Europe and the Middle East. Dedicated to raising consciousness, Milan seeks clarity and the desire to evoke people’s love for living by their own truth.

With a forthcoming two and a half day workshop in Dubai, Milan explains more about the nature of his mission and the essence of his Love Consciousness workshop.

Dates: March 21, 22 & 23
Timings: March 21 (730pm-10pm), March 22 (9am-10pm) & March 23 (9am-6pm)
Pricing:  AED 2150 full price
Location: Urban Tribe Studios, Al Quoz, Dubai
Booking Info: or (M) +971 52 7288861

What makes Love Consciousness unique?

I am dedicated to understand what impacts the nature of our love. Through a structured and experiential process, we jointly explore how we perceive ourselves as men and women, as well as the opposite sex. We learn to acknowledge our wounds and ways of manipulation with kindness and take responsibility. Throughout the workshop we gradually create a new language with the opposite sex and with ourselves. This is carried out by learning how to express our needs, fears, disrespect and other important barriers to our ability to give and receive love. This process is uniquely designed to create a deep understanding and awareness of ourselves, whilst exploring and practicing keys to manifesting healthy partnerships.

What modality and thought leaders inspired you to develop this Workshop?

The works of Bert Hellinger, David Deida, Osho and Chuck Spezzano have inspired many parts of this process.

Why does this healing methodology resonate with you?

For me, there is no other place in our lives where we have the opportunity to be exposed to our wounds in a safe place as in intimate relationships. The commitment both partners make through shared love, form a foundation to unravel ourselves to ourselves and the other. The tools and methodologies we use create a longing to speak truth and live authentically, which are the foundations of self-love and trust.

Who is the Workshop for?

The process is designed for singles and couples alike. It is a powerful and insightful journey for those currently not in relationships, as it takes them through the patterns and beliefs that keep them from love. For couples, it’s a passage to wholeness as both are exposed to one another in an environment that goes deep into the ways we relate; so that both then have the opportunity to create a fresh language between them.

Why do we repeatedly experience loneliness in relationships?

We often stumble on these recurring problems:

  • I am in a relationship, but miserable. It has lost its meaning and I forgot why I fell in love with my partner.
  • One-night stands are no problem, but I have no idea what it takes to keep a relationship.
  • I am in a relationship and want to stay here. But how do I do that without losing myself?
  • I find myself sacrificing in relationships and it exhausts me.
  • I seem to meet guilt at every corner of the relationship and secrecy ruins the closeness I long for.
  • I seem to be good at relationships. I’ve had many of them. Each time I thought my partner was ‘the one’. But eventually I was left unfulfilled, so I continue searching.

With each disappointment we feel defeated and often close up, lose trust and become isolated or look elsewhere for love.

With your willingness to dig deeper, you will find your courage to love and be loved. With this you won’t only find ‘The One’, you will be ‘The One’.

Take this step to create a new reality. Gain understanding in yourself and others, moving forward with healing and clarity.

Which themes and questions does Love Consciousness cover?

  • How my roles and patterns affect my relating.
  • Where my fears limit the closeness I seek and finding ways of healing (of intimacy, rejection, fear of loneliness etc).
  • Meditations on ‘how to open your heart to love.’
  • Work with the collective unconscious and how to open us to accept and respect the other sex.
  • Understanding the differences between men and women, and what is needed to re-establish polarity.
  • Learning and practicing important principles of a fulfilling relationship.

Throughout the workshop various teachings and practices will be applied such as family constellations, polarity work, meditation, bioenergetics, different forms of sharing and group psychotherapy.

Tell Us More…

Intimate relationships are important. They carry the hope and promise for the manifestation of love. Through them, we foster meaningful connections, fun, depth, friendship, family, intimacy, adventure and more. It is in these areas that stumbling blocks can appear. The needs and expectations of love (or more precisely of our partner) can be challenging. Equally, we have needs and expectations towards ourselves as to how hard we need to work or sacrifice for love.

This work taps into our longing for love, while enquiring deeply into the way we love. Early experiences and the subsequent formation of our personality shape our sense of worthiness and the ways we go about getting love and creating relationships.

To love and be loved, for most of us, is the essence of life.

What have been outcomes for participants in the past? 

Over the past 10 years hundreds of singles and couples have benefited from this process. Participants have succeeded in cultivating the courage to speak truth in relationships, find renewed trust in one selves as well as the clarity to perceiving the obstacles to love and how to overcome them. Last but not least, this 2.5-day weekend exploration gives them the ability to move away from blame or victimhood and take responsibility.

If you feel called to embark into the depths of love, shadow work and relationships please check out articles that Milan has published over the years.


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