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Most women – and increasingly men too – have a couple of different therapists in their contact list. From facialists to call if you need a little lift ‘n’ plump before a big event, to the ideal expert to address a sensitive, pimple-prone complexion that needs calming. Then there are the facialists that people want to surrender their whole life over to – body, mind, spirit – as they have that uncanny ability to access your soul through your pores and make everything better. If that sort of thing appeals to you, then Katrina Valente is your go-to holistic facialist.

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An associate of the Anantara and Six Senses Resorts and Spas, Katrina spends a lot of her time pampering and healing the most discerning guests that frequent these luxury resorts. She also has a select clientele in Dubai where she dedicates herself to  “combining outer beauty treatments with practical and spiritual therapies such as Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Reiki, Colour and Crystal Therapy and more.” Her no-nonsense Scottish-Italian background gives her an edge when telling things as they are.

Using holistic methods to unveil people’s radiance has been my mission for a few decades now. When I say I don’t just look at the skin, I look at the person, I really mean it.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

A Lymphatic drainage massage is a great way to start the New Year as it eliminates toxins from the body, reduces cellulite and oedema. It’s a very gentle rhythmic massage that’s therapeutic for the senses. I combine this clinical lymphatic drainage massage with pure organic essential oils to suit the individual’s needs. A course of at least 4-6 is always advised as the treatment is progressive and works even more effectively if you detox at the same time.

Benefits of the lymphatic drainage massage include:

  • Healing After Surgery: It regenerates tissues to reduce scarring at surgical incision sites. Lymph drainage massages also reduce swelling and detoxify the body.
  • Better Breastfeeding: Complications during breastfeeding include plugged ducts, sore nipples and engorgement, and they can be painful and discouraging. Lymph drainage massage can help to reduce this. Fixing these two problems can reduce soreness in the breasts and nipples, ultimately leading to better breastfeeding.
  • Improved Immune System: The immune system is tied to the lymphatic system. They can improve the function of the immune system, increase the production of antibodies that fight off infections and reduce inflammation in the body that causes diseases such as arthritis.
  • Relaxation: The rhythm, pressure and motion of lymph drainage massages work together to reduce pain and stress and to promote general vitality and well-being.

Raindrop Massage

Raindrop massage is a very special treatment using 9 essential oils neat on the spine. And then on the feet followed by Reflexology. The oils are dropped one by one up the spine and each oil is massaged in a specific way until they are all on. Then a proper massage is completed for 30 mins. We then put all the oils on the feet with a Reflexology massage that lasts for a further 30 mins. This treatment has been proven to realign the electromagnetic field of the body bringing you into total balance.

Benefits of raindrop massage include:

  • Balance and re-align the energy centres of the body: The combination of techniques brings electrical and structural alignment to the body.
  • Ease occasional muscle, bone, and joint discomfort: Muscles that are sore or stressed will also benefit. Basil, Wintergreen, Marjoram, Cypress and Peppermint essential oils reduce tension in muscles.
  • Reduce stress and minor anxiety: Not only can the oils enhance positive emotions such as joy and happiness, but they can also help us release negative emotions that are subconsciously stored on a cellular level.
  • Emotional wellbeing and release – Essential oils cross the blood-brain barrier and affect the limbic system where emotions are stored in the “brain’s emotional computer”.

When today’s science and techniques provide wider horizons of opportunities to prolong your youth and vitality, all you got to do is to grab it and treat yourself.

Katrina’s Take On Taking Your Skincare To The Next Level

Plant-based is better.

Our bodies are perfectly designed to utilise and benefit from natural remedies. On the molecular level, plant-based ingredients absorb deeply and easily through the transdermal barrier. Whether or not you’re on the organic bandwagon, you can’t argue with efficiency.


Skin can become fatigued when constantly working with an overload of personal care products. Skin is a sensitive organ, even if you don’t identify that way. Try it. Plan a pause into your routine, and resist the urge to overburden skin with too many products at once.

Life Is Skincare And Skincare Is Life.

Through the skin we can discover such interconnections, to the environment and to our own patterns of diet, rest and exercise. I like to say that the skin is truly healthy and radiant when everything comes into balance on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. In my practice I’ve seen the huge effects that meditation can have on the skin, or the wonderful benefits of spending more time in nature.

Respect Your Barrier.

Trust in your skin’s natural abilities to protect itself and keep in moisture by maintaining that protective barrier – your acid mantle – which means never over-stripping the skin with harsh soaps, rough exfoliation, or extreme peels. You don’t have to throw out your glycolic toner or anything, but try cutting back. That’s what I’m doing, at least. Supplement through bolstering that barrier with a protective, nutritive oil-based serum.

Be Patient.

There are no quick fixes, deep beauty comes from consistent care – and it’s so lustrous, polished, and fresh. Of course, many clients will see immediate results when switching to a plant-based skincare routine. But it’s a long game, and there is nothing like the radiance of a truly healthy, glowing complexion.

Katrina newFacials and bespoke anti-ageing treatments is what Katrina is most passionate about and her mission is to unveil radiance in her clients. Over years of experience, Katrina has discovered uniquely effective ways to integrate other holistic therapies to her superior beauty treatments, enhancing results even further. This expert approach has brought her international acclaim and recognition. Travelling worldwide as a resident expert therapies at top resort hospitality chains like Six Senses and Anantara, Katrina’s tailored approach has placed her among the world’s top ‘facialists’.




Mobile: 050 565 7679

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