Per Aquum Niyama (Maldives)

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Looking for the best tropical party of your life? Just when you thought you’d seen it all in the Maldives, you’re faced with the newest addition – an underwater nightclub…Niyama. The newest jewel in the Indian Ocean has taken things up a notch and added party life to the island. With the addition of a beautiful restaurant which floats on the surface of the ocean, 500 meters offshore, Edge, alongside Subsix, the world’s first underwater music club – I am sure that there’s room for a massive party.

40 minutes via seaplane from Male, it has two islands, Chill and Play, one with a family center and the other devoted to couples, they are both a tropical heven with lavish vegetation, ivory white shorelines, perfectly clear waters and unlimited perspectives out over the Indian Ocean.

The resort is a blend of current and conventional Maldivian configuration and offices, with a particular restless feel, where visitors are brilliantly taken care of, picking between aggregate security and a remarkable scope of activities.

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