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A woman becomes a mother way before the infant tiny is welcomed into the world. The excitement of motherhood starts when she feels the life inside her stir with a heartbeat and playful kicks, reminding her that she isn’t alone. This period of parenthood is not just physically demanding but financially draining as well to the couple. Becoming a parent in Dubai isn’t just a walk in the park in when it comes to the costs involved during as well as after pregnancy. Maternity insurance is a smart investment to cover the financial demands of this phase without the stress that financial worries can cause.

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A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for.
– Pablo Picasso

Choosing The Best From The Lot

Finding a maternity coverage plan is not the problem, finding the right one that covers all the essentials presents a whole new dilemma. This is why it’s important to have the following features in whatever health policy is chosen; both during pregnancy as well as after childbirth.

  • Pre-pregnancy validity period You usually need to apply for insurance up to a year in advance of getting pregnant. If you are pregnant in Dubai and uninsured, the insurance company can add a significant amount to the premium of your existing policy to cover maternity costs.
  • Hospital and clinical affiliations Check which clinics and hospitals are included in the coverage, and whether you are comfortable with them.
  • Upper-age limit to avail benefits Many international health policies do not offer maternity coverage to women over 44 years of age as their pregnancies are high-risk and are more likely to cause complications during pregnancy and delivery.

  • Test and diagnosis features Check which tests are covered and how many (like ultrasounds, etc.), and how many gynaecological visits are covered.
  • Complications covered Study the worst-case scenario – what happens if you face complications during the pregnancy?
  • Dual-delivery coverage Ensure that the maternity coverage includes both natural as well as C-section deliveries.
  • Child birth features Be aware of how long you and the baby can remain at the hospital, and the extent of post-natal care covered under the policy.

Let’s Talk Numbers

Maternity insurances that cover the pregnancy period and provide antenatal care vary from policy to policy depending on the range of services that they cover.

  • Antenatal Packages

Prices for antenatal packages depend at which stage of pregnancy you are when you seek to buy the policy. While there are reputable private as well as government hospitals, private hospitals are undoubtedly costlier. Government hospitals however are better equipped with emergency situations and there are plenty across the UAE, so find the one nearest to your locality. The cost of antenatal packages can range from AED 4000 – AED 7000.

  • Normal Delivery Packages

They can range from AED 7000 (at most government hospitals) to AED 13,000 at private hospitals for a routine birth without complications, using in-house doctors. Extra nights in the hospital, extra care required during and after pregnancy, and medical complications will all cost extra. If you choose to bring your own doctor, you will need to pay his/her fees for the delivery separately.

  • Caesarean Delivery Packages

They are usually double that of a normal delivery, and can cost up to AED 25,000. They typically include fees for the operation theatre, lab investigations, hospital stay for a stipulated amount of time, paediatric consultation, as well as baby screening and vaccination. They do not include charges for epidurals, twin deliveries, circumcisions, stem cell collection, or use of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, which usually costs extra.

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Don’t rush through but plan your journey into parenthood by choosing the best policy so that you don’t miss the beautiful moments that would otherwise be obscured by these materialistic worries.

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