Ryan Beck
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With Ryan Daniel Beck, Director, bodyART NYC

I am the director of bodyART NYC, an international educator and presenter. Originally, I was a professional dancer working with Beyoncé, Black Eyed Peas, MTV, Disney, Mercedes Benz, Givency, Microsoft, and FUSE TV. I also oversee the bodyART programme at Broadway Dance Center, specialising in anatomy, biomechanics, kinesiology and therapeutic movement.

Who And What Is My Inspiration?


I have so many people on this list, it would be impossible to choose. However, now, I’m being challenged and inspired by the words and life of Martin Luther King Jr., and the writings of James Baldwin. Aside from these figures, I’m constantly inspired by the stories of my bodyART students; they teach me rich lessons every day.

On The Move With… 


My Duolingo app. Right now, I’m drilling my Italian grammar, Japanese vocabulary and German verbs!

This Is How I Chillax 

high line park

I am an ambient enthusiast. I love to wake up early and walk the length of the Highline Park in Manhattan. I am also deeply connected to the beach and the ocean; I can sit for hours, meditating to the sound of the waves

My Go To…Holistic Treatment 

My ritual du jour is at least 15 minutes in the deep steam hammam. Something about the heat and the rush of cold water is cathartic and energising. I also enjoy the Russian Turkish bath in the East Village, Thai Massage and Tui Na.

Route To Radiance With CEO, bodyARTschool International,
Julia Przybilka

Holistic Beauty Product…On My Shelf 

I enjoy Brooklyn Beard Balm, they have a salve specifically formulated for guys with beards, and it leaves the facial hair so clean and soft to the touch.

Book Or Blog…That Blows My Mind 

Aside from the hundreds of TEDx Talks I’ve watched, I also find the podcasts from RadioLab to be insightful, fascinating and highly engaging

Route To Radiance With With Garnet Suidy,
bodyART trainer

Motto I Live By 


It is never, ever, ever as bad as you think it is, there is always hope and possibility, problems are simply opportunities in disguise.

Indulgence I Die For 

Bonjour Brioche

Anything from Bonjour Brioche in Toronto!

Favourite Song On My Playlist 

Have2have It

We have many exciting events planned with Lululemon NYC, Shape Magazine, and our retreats partners, Revive Restorative Retreats and Pura Vida in 2018.

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