Samahita Retreat (Koh Samui, Thailand)

Samahita poolside at night
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Described by many as ‘a hidden gem’ of Koh Samui Island, this wellness centre was created to enhance wellbeing as well as refresh the mind.

I was able to unwind amongst tranquil vegetation, relax by the pool and gaze out at the sea at this beachfront property. Every one of my senses was stimulated and I even got to discover a whole new culture when I visited the nearby markets and temples.

To recuperate from all the stress I was trying to escape from, I booked myself into the wonderfully relaxing spa for a plethora of treatments that were sublime, and allowed my urban city mind to finally let go and just relax. I also went the extra mile and got onto the detox programme on offer. The Detox Programme at Samahita Retreat includes an Ayurvedic herbal detox formula developed in-house; Yoga practices and breath work; Yogic cleansing techniques; infrared sauna therapy; Chi Nei Tsang – therapeutic abdominal massage; ‘Body & Soul’ therapies; Fibre, probiotic and superfood supplementation; specially developed Ayurvedic body oils for Abhyanga massage; specific foods, fruits, broths, juices and teas; as well as an optional liver and gall bladder flush-detox.

This is the place for anyone who wants to relax, unwind, and go back to reality with a new lease of energy.

Seven-day programme starts at USD $1,560

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