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How early on should a bride start prepping her skin and hair for the wedding day?

A: Home skin and hair care regimes should begin at least four to six weeks in advance. As far as salon treatments are concerned, many services are available for bridal care, which may also include treatments for specific skin and hair problems. The time defers on each of these. For example, if there is an acne condition, or a hair problem, the salon treatments should be scheduled at least two to four months in advance.

How can a bride ensure glowing skin on her wedding day?

A: Tone the skin daily with chilled rose water. Exfoliate the skin once or twice a week, as removing dead cells will help to brighten the skin.

Mix ground almonds with yoghurt and rub gently over your face in small circular movements, then rinse with water. Alternatively, crush sesame seeds coarsely and powder some dried mint leaves. Mix them with a little honey and apply on your skin. Leave it on for five minutes, gently rub the mixture into your skin, then rinse with water.

What skin treatments are recommended before the wedding day?

A: If you have normal to dry skin, opt for a facial once a week. It follows a specific procedure, which begins with deep cleansing of the skin, followed by exfoliation. Sometimes, a double dermabrasive treatment is given. This helps to remove dead skin cells, refine skin texture and revitalise the skin. It also heightens the skin’s ability to absorb products. A face and neck massage is followed by a mask, toner, and a cold compress. After the facial, a protective cream mixed with a moisturiser is applied.

For normal to oily skin, weekly clean-ups help to smoothen and brighten the skin. In a face clean-up, deep pore cleansing methods are provided along with exfoliation. This helps to remove dead skin cells and keeps the pores free of clogged oil. It not only brightens the skin, but keeps it smooth and clear. During face clean-ups, blackheads are also extracted, if necessary. Masks and other procedures are used to help control oiliness, shrink the pores and make the skin smooth and translucent. After toning and cold compress, a protective cream is applied.

What’s the best lifestyle to follow before the big day?


A good diet helps to keep the system flushed and the skin clear and glowing. Part of your daily diet must consist of fresh fruits and vegetables. Yoghurt is also a wonderful beauty food, while skimmed milk and cottage cheese can be included. Vegetables should be cooked lightly. Eat good amounts of green, leafy vegetables, like spinach and lettuce. Fruit and vegetable juices, freshly extracted are ideal as they help to cleanse and purify the system and prevent the accumulation of toxic residues. Cut down your intake of sugar, starch and fried foods and increase your intake of raw foods, like fresh fruits, raw salads and sprouts. Stick to wholegrains and drink plenty of water.

Every morning, drink a glass of water with the juice of one lemon. This is a great way to cleanse your system.


Try to get adequate sleep in the weeks leading up to your wedding. It is very important for beauty, as all the repair and restoration work of the cells take place during this time.  Lack of sleep can affect the skin, taking away the glow. The eyes also begin to look strained and tired. Try and schedule in eight to nine hours of sleep each night. If you have trouble falling asleep, try drinking a glass of warm milk mixed with a spoon of honey. Both these ingredients help to induce sleep.


Never underestimate the power of exercising. It has been proven to help the body cope with stress and is the best thing you can do for yourself before the big day. If you aren’t used to exercising regularly, start with something light, a month or two before your wedding. You can even start by going for a walk and then work your way up from there. Of course, deep breathing exercises, along with meditation are the perfect complement to physical movement.

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