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Tag: Kundalini Yoga

A Holiday Or A Retreat? Think Twice..

With people nowadays working above 65 years old and above 40 hours a week, the concept of a holiday that does not completely relax...

What’s Inner Awakening Really About?

What is life? You could answer the question in myriad ways or just shrug it off with a ‘who knows’ or ‘how-does-it-matter’ attitude. A...

3 Reasons Why Choosing A Kundalini Yoga Retreat Makes Sense

“With countless retreats to choose from and numerous yoga styles to explore, for me nothing hits the holistic healing spot like Kundalini yoga.” Nancy Zabaneh An accredited Kundalini yoga teacher and holistic healing devotee, Nancy...

The Amazing Connection Between Sound and Wellbeing

As a musician, I’ve always believed that sound has a greater power than we realise with the capacity to affect lives in extraordinary ways....

Top 5 Reasons To Practice Kundalini Yoga… By Hayley Cutler

I’ve been teaching Kundalini Yoga for seven years and I promise you, it’s like no other system you’ve ever experienced. Beyond the ‘stretchy-wetchy’ approaches...
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