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The LifeCo is one of the top retreats in the world. It is the leading retreat of its kind in Turkey, and is well-known for it’s A-list celebrity guests. This smart detox retreat is run by qualified medical staff, and even though it’s small, and ever so slightly clinical, I immediately knew that I was in safe hands.

The resort provides a 360° holistic approach that includes anti-ageing and wellbeing therapies, preventative treatments for chronic diseases and cancer, pampering and beauty treatments, as well as spiritual therapies – all under the same roof.

Wellness Getaways: Palace Merano (Alto Adige, Italy).
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The Basic Detox Program left me cleansed and feeling lighter. It includes live blood analyses, a Turkish scrub and foam massage, two massage therapies, electro lymphatic therapy, colon hydro therapy, a wheatgrass enema, ozone therapy, two sodium inhaler therapies, a facial treatment and an immune cocktail 7.5gr.

Rumour has it…
Kate Moss visited recently and then undid the positive benefits of her detox by becoming inebriated on the flight back to London.

Seven-day programme starts at USD $2,500.

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