According to latest reports the value of the global Anti-Ageing industry is set to reach $114-billion by 2015 as compared to $80-billion in 2011 if current trends continue. Vanity notwithstanding, the quest for eternal youth is understandable when you consider that nowadays people are living longer and working for longer (67 years old is the new retirement age in Europe). Arguably, the desire to stave off decrepitude is driven by these realities. For many however, the issue is less about ‘how long will I live?’ but ‘how well will I live?’ Lisa Durante reviews 1711 Ti’Sana Detox Retreat and unveils tangible wellbeing results thanks to a detox programme with a scientific approach and an Italian style.

To understand the true ethos of Erica D’Angelo’s family passion-cum-business, housed in elegantly renovated structures dating back to 1711, it is necessary to realise as eminent neurologist Steven Trobiani says that, “We are standing at the brink of a consumer driven healthcare revolution which will forever change how we view the process of ageing, the medical care we receive and the medications we use.” This welcoming 4-star retreat with 23 suites is testament to a paradigm shift in consumer needs. With more people globally visiting alternative doctors instead of conventional ones, hers seems an ideal location for a quality ‘lifestyle re-boot’ experience. Erica has developed a range of Personalised Active Life Programs focussed on preventive care-cum-hospitality with lashings of pampering rituals to rejuvenate, heal and de-stress.

Integral Healing

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From a historical perspective, the services at her picturesque location ensconced in the heart of Lombardy, between Milan, Como and Bergamo defy the early ‘germ theory’ of the 1900s, where the conviction that a single germ produced a certain disease and only a single drug could cure it gained popularity in the West. This resulted in pharmaceuticals reigning supreme with their promise of spectacular ‘magic-bullet’ cures and in vast economic opportunities for the Pharma industry as a whole. By offering personalised programmes (1, 4, 7, 10, 21 days), aimed at those who may not necessarily be ill but merely ‘fatigued’ by the modern stressors of life such as unwholesome diets and toxicity, Ti’Sana promotes an integral approach to wellbeing based on detoxing the body to reinvigorate the mind and unite the spirit to the timeless essence of optimal health. Sounds kooky? It isn’t. The aim of these ‘full immersion’ stays is to forget one’s chronological age, and to focus on reducing biological age instead. Like many, Erica, described by the global media as a “glamorous vegan” believes that conventional medicine is disease-oriented as well as diagnosis-driven, and Establishment doctors typically treat diseases, not people, using symptoms and tests to make a diagnosis and prescribe treatment (drugs or surgery). She also believes that many of her guests have lost faith in this traditional model; therefore, they come to Ti’Sana.

While conventional medicine is priceless in treating trauma, and has value in treating acute infectious diseases, its shortcomings in relation to cancer, heart disease and other ‘diseases of civilisation’ are clear to see. Over 80 percent of us will succumb to Cardio-Metabolic Disease, the global pandemic of the 21st century. Even though we don’t focus exclusively on curing these two chronic diseases of civilisation, that are primarily the result of the modern Western diet and inflammation, we certainly take them seriously. – Erica D’Angelo

What Did I Seek From Ti’Sana?

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I wanted to lose a dress size in an environment that wasn’t excessively clinical. Like most people who embark on detox retreats, reaching and maintaining an optimum weight is a key driver. I also wanted to slow down the signs of ageing and reduce the risk of disease. All of this in a week and with my mother in tow to keep me company. If that sounds like a tall order, the Ti’Sana team – young, energetic and perennially optimistic – suggested I became a ‘Healtheatarian’ as well. Also, keen to optimise my energy levels, the prospect of greater vitality and learning to adopt a better quality of life also appealed. Whilst I don’t overtly fear cancer, cardiovascular and degenerative diseases, predictive medicine indicates that by comparing the 10 leading causes of death in the US in 1900 with those of today, we realise that mortalities in 1900 were mainly due to infectious disease, while most deaths today are attributable to lifestyle factors – diet, exercise, smoking etc. According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, lifestyle is the main contributor to 19 of the 21 major causes of illness and premature death today. So, who am I to ignore presented statistical probabilities? Ti’Sana’s ultra-fit, ultra-energetic and ultra-patient resort manager and trainer Mario Sella says learning to manage one’s lifestyle positively is possible.

We have designed a programme which includes a scientific-based nutrition combined with medical Spa treatments like self-administered Angel of Water hydro colon-therapy. Being a Healtheatarian means optimising one’s energy and using it to heal body and mind. Taking the first step can be hard, that is why we are here to give you the kick start you need. – Mario Sella, resort manager and trainer

Cellular Health Analysis (Bio-Impedance Testing)

The Cellular Health Analysis, otherwise known as Bio-Impedance Testing, is a scientifically validated and assessment that gives an accurate ‘helicopter’ view of how well the body is functioning ‘on the inside’ and on how well you are ageing. By determining how well cells are functioning and how efficiently the body is working overall, Mario measures the biological markers of ageing showing me what I needed to improve my wellbeing and proactively plan for a vibrant future made up of myriad organic supplements, litres of water, exercise, sound slumber, meditation and plenty of greens. The test is ideal for those who want to

  • Lose weight and improve the metabolism
  • Increase muscle tone and fitness
  • Improve energy and age healthily
  • Effectively detoxify their body
  • Improve their inflammatory problems
  • Act proactively and improve their overall health.

By analysing the specific biological markers from this assessment, Mario gave me an accurate status of my wellbeing which was and still is, in need of attention.

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What does it measure?

The objective biomarkers of ageing and cellular health parameters to assess body composition and overall health status. Used by NASA to assess the wellness of their astronauts, the biomarkers indicate key physiological indicators of health and ageing like:

  • Cellular health status
  • Body and muscle fat mass
  • Toxicity and fluid retention levels
  • Biological age (vs chronological age!)
  • Cellular vitality and nutrient absorption
  • Metabolic rate and hydration status
  • Daily kilojoule and water requirements.

Depending on the results of the test, Mario devises an individualised treatment and lifestyle program to address any specific problems areas identified. He then tracks progress by reassessing your results at the end of the week. Fortunately, mine had improved and so had my mother’s, but there was still plenty more to be done…the journey to optimal wellness never ends it seems. How does the cellular health analysis work? Cellular Health Analysis testing involves measuring a non-invasive bio-impedance current that assesses your cellular tissue and cellular electro-conductive capacity. This is done by attaching electrodes to your feet and hands that connect to the BIA machine. This assessment measures a bio-impedance current by sending a painless electrical charge between the electrodes. The process is completed within seconds and you don’t feel a thing. The results of the test are a clear indicator of overall vitality and is a great starting block to getting overall wellness back on track.


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