At AAYNA Clinic, Amabawatta One, Kalka Das Marg, Mehrauli.

It sounds like an oxymoron, but with all the relatively ‘aggressive’ non-invasive medical aesthetics treatments in vogue, HydraFacial appeals, as it’s swift, painless and not overly aggressive like some lasers and chemical peels.

Dr. Simal SoinMy cosmetic dermatologist extraordinaire, Dr Simal Soin, loves HydraFacials as they yield results similar to microdermabrasion and laser exfoliation, but without the skin damage commonly associated with such treatments. She adds, “While lasers operate through targeted destruction of skin cells and stimulation of the body’s repair processes, HydraFacials achieve excellent results through gentle, liquid-based exfoliation.”

Always a believer in natural approaches wherever possible, I was happy to hear that the HydraFacial infuses the complexion with potent ingredients that in turn increase skin health long term. She did warn me though that for some problems (like hyperpigmentation) more abrasive treatments might be needed. Luckily for me, I was in the ideal bracket for a HydraFacial.

HydraFacial Lowdown

Designed to cleanse skin, while giving it a glow, HydraFacials are similar to microdermabrasion. However, the latter uses crystals or diamond tips to scrub the skin, while HydraFacials ‘blast’ the skin with specialised solutions to achieve this result. Dr Simal Soin explains, “This is achieved through vortex technology that effectively removes dirt and particles upon impact.”

woman undergoing hydrafacial treatment

Ready, Steady, Go

• Vortex Cleansing & Hydrapeel Exfoliation:  Removes dead cells from the skin’s surface through water-based exfoliation. This initial step removes sebum, which can otherwise block penetration of skin care ingredients and exacerbate the clogging of pores, as it acts similar to a ‘glue’ for miniscule particles.

• Pore Loosening:  Infuses the pores with a mild mix of salicylic and glycolic acids. These are common ingredients for pore cleansing, and are often included in anti-acne skin care products as they loosen pore ‘plugs’ responsible for inflammatory acne.

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• Pore Extraction:  Loosens pore plugs and dirt through the combination of vortex cleaning of the HydraFacial applicator, combined with the immediate suctioning of dirt and other skin impurities. Doc says, “Deep cleaning is ensured; to reduce future acne breakouts and boost penetration by active skin care ingredients.”

• Serum Fusion:  Infuses the complexion with peptides, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid. This powerful combination of ingredients improves skin quality in several ways. “The antioxidants activate skin damage repair, while the peptides provide essential building blocks for skin cell structures. The hyaluronic acid can reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles short term by drawing moisture to the treatment site.”

HydraFacial & More

In addition to general cleansing and infusion with antioxidants and hyaluronic acid, the HydraFacial is perfect to deliver additional ingredients to the skin. For example, the device can be adjusted to deliver growth factors, to reduce wrinkles and improve growth of healthy cells. Other modifications can be made depending on the needs of the patient as Doc informs me.

Side Effects?

“Unlike laser technology, this machine does not vaporise skin cells. Therefore, crusting or serious inflammation are not common”, Doc says. For me, this gentle yet effective technology gave me a rosy glow achieved from the physical impact of the liquids and the suctioning action.

Grand Finale

After leaving Doc’s airy and immaculate location at Mehrauli, I hosted a fabulous yummy dinner at our favourite sushi restaurant Guppy and did not need a jot of make-up thanks to the glow that I naturally radiated.


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