Ulli Mangold, a master trainer for this enchanting group exercise model – bodyART – that has been described by its fans as ‘poetry in motion’, shares her passion for this unique training concept.

What Is It?

bodyART is a holistic functional training based on elements of Chinese Traditional Medicine. Challenging yet multifaceted, it can be tailored to any level or mood. The meticulously posed exercises unveil the gift of full body awareness, strength and flexibility. The movements allow the participants to identify imbalances and to correct them in a functional way.

Route To Radiance… Julia Przybilka.
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Who Loves It?

Madonna has been accompanied for several years now by one of our US-based bodyART trainers, Craig Smith.


I teach bodyART in group settings and private sessions to a wide range of people. Everyone enjoys it because it can be tailored to individual needs and capabilities. Many of my clients are captains of industry and some are politicians. bodyART helps them navigate their stressful days by allowing them to find balance on a physical, mental and emotional level. The fact that bodyART is done without the need of any props makes it the perfect companion on business trips. It can be done anytime, anywhere.
A renowned Brussels-based chiropractor, Mr. Roland Claes (Elite Sport Performance) trusted me to work with his cadre of athletes to enhance their performance.

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Ready, Steady, Go…

A bodyART class is structured in five phases. The participants are first given the chance to ground themselves in the moment, then they are guided and trained in such a way that they take awareness into all corners of their physical body. After this functional warm-up, the real training begins. Expect to be challenged and to sweat.

The Grand Finale

At the end, the energy levels are brought down in a specifically designed way before the participants finally experience stillness and bliss.

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Class Schedule

  • Elixir Fitness Centre, Gloria Hotel, Sun, Nov 19 @9.30am, AED 70
  • Talise Fitness, Madinat Jumeirah, Monday, November 20th, 7:00pm (members only).
  • Elixir Fitness Centre, Gloria Hotel, Tue 21 @10.30am (master class & bodyART intro) AED 70
  • Stables Fitness Centre, Desert Palm, Wed Nov 22 @10.30am (master class & bodyART intro)

For detailed information, please check the bodyART® website.

More About Me

Born in Minnesota to German parents, I spent her first years in the US.  I moved to Germany between the ages of 5-19 and went on to study dance in London, graduating in dance to become a performing dancer and later, a dance teacher. Trained in classical ballet and contemporary dance, I found yoga and bodyART® while looking for a physical practice to take everywhere. They both gave me a means to foster harmony between body and mind. I fell in love with the act of creating a set of movements connecting strength and softness designed to open and strengthen this body mind connection.

I have been teaching dance, bodyART® and yoga for 25 years. Yoga and bodyART® have been my constant companion for almost 20 years. Dedication, devotion, love for these teachings and a passion to share them is what brings me to the mat.