Human intelligence has evolved and now the world’s leading neuroscientists understand that ‘consciousness’ is all that exists on planet earth. Essentially, this means that everything that we think is ‘real’ and constitutes ‘matter’ is actually an illusion even though reality presents itself as tangible and persistently ‘real’. There’s no denying that this concept is a mind-boggling one. It can literally drive you around the bend, however leading minds in the quantum world, have discovered that this universal consciousness, which is one giant, vibrational energy field, operates at a collective frequency. In other words, our universe goes far beyond matter and atoms. Dr. Pradeep Ullal shares his insights on these exciting dimensions.

It is beneficial to have an awareness of the relationship between universal energy and matter. Energy holds all forms of matter in a unique geometric pattern. Unfortunately, most of us are sufficiently blind and ignorant and dismiss the presence and effect of energy on matter. Instead, our focus is on matter – the things we can see with our eyes – and we often go through life trying to glorify or possess it. We are too busy running around acquiring possessions and wealth and trying to gain control and power over other human beings. As a result, we have neglected the benefits of this universal energy field. We have glorified ignorance as assumed ‘bliss’ and paid a terrible price for this: just look around at how many humans are wallowing in enslavement, poverty, suffering, pain and discontent on this planet.

Once we start understanding the bigger picture of our existence, we realise that
the universe is subtly directed by
a creative intelligence of ascended
beings (which have different
names depending upon your
culture, religion or belief system). Leading scientists have
discovered that there is an intricate energy grid that relays higher
intelligence and compassion in the
form of un-reflected light. These
super charged vibrations relayed
through light can descend into
our domain in various ways. One
such significant light reaches us as
prana – the basic unit of life force.
However most of us are only capable to see reflected light emitted by the Sun. We absorb this universally available prana and express it uniquely. All human souls have emerged from one source and yet we have created an individual ego-self, body, identity and also a unique expression of the divine consciousness. As humans we have a conscious choice. We can either live in ignorance or muster enough courage to explore this path of awareness to give us a greater understanding of the purpose of life.

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One such path of higher awareness is having the ability to tap into our innate power of brain waves within us. Our brain operates from seven known waves that dictate our state of awareness. Low Beta, Beta, High Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta and Gamma waves constitute our ability to decode our reality
in depths of sensory perception, functional ow, cohesion and connectedness. Our reality is unique to each one of us, meaning we see life as we personally perceive it. In other words, ‘We don’t see things as they are; we see them as we are’. This boils down
to the depth of our journey and ability to fine-tune
 the awareness and accessibility of our spiritual heart centre in our brain.

A significant sign of elevated human awareness is our ability to realise unity in everything and that we are all interconnected through this electro-magnetic energy grid. We can actually access this natural ability to feel the peace, unity and harmony within us, which in turn enables us to connect and spread the same vibrations outside of us. We can explore the depth of meditation and empower our brain to attain a heightened state of awareness. This can then enable us to open the neuron gateways and hook up to ‘cosmic consciousness’. When it comes to awareness and happiness levels, accessing gamma waves is the most bene cial since they have the highest frequency among all
brain waves ranging from 24 hz to 40 Hz. Gamma waves originate in the ‘hypothalamus’ region of our brain. This wave oscillates across the front to back
of the brain 40 times per second. This has been seen in elevated yogis, music maestros, champion athletes
and visionary businessmen, via neuro-feedback. These recordings show that those with gamma wave activity are high achievers with much higher attention levels to realise goals. Gamma waves also elevate the brain to attain high levels of functionality called neural synchrony. In essence, the neurons re up together enabling a deep sense of bliss and unity within.

This also enables the flowering of awareness beyond the ordinary bandwidth in our brain. This awareness eventually allows us to grasp a glimpse of the larger picture of the cosmic play that we perceive to be reality. Incredibly powerful, these gamma waves can provide amazing insights and healing energies to the human mind, body and spirit. Gamma waves have the power to influence the vibrations of our beautiful, blue planet and shape its future. Knowing we can heal our planet and spread feelings of peace, harmony, love and compassion for all forms of life is an awe-inspiring phenomenon. The principle choice we make is whether we use the power of gamma waves for individual glory or for serving humanity. Taking an explorative path and activating gamma waves is a worthwhile pursuit for every compassionate being.

Dr. Pradeep Ullal conducts gamma wave transmission workshops and heads the Kevala Foundation, a celebration centre in India that enriches humanity through higher awareness, music, dance, art, wellness and self-empowerment programmes.