What is life? You could answer the question in myriad ways or just shrug it off with a ‘who knows’ or ‘how-does-it-matter’ attitude. A definition that has stuck with me is this; ‘Life is an eternal relationship with vibrations’. By going deeper into the meaning of these words, one can discover powerful aspects of life’s true purpose. Dr. Pradeep Ullal, the spiritual founder of Kevala Foundation, investigates.

It took readings from a ‘Superconducting Quantum Interface Device’ (SQUID) magnetometer for scientists to accept that we humans emanate a strong electromagnetic field around us. The readings silenced sceptics enabling them to accept what sages like the father of Yoga in ancient India, Patanjali, explained over 5000 years ago.


Every living matter vibrates as a result of a subtle bio-energy that flows through all organic life. Known by several names like ‘Prana’, ‘Chi’ or ‘life force’, this energy is expressed as an electromagnetic vibrational frequency. All spiritual traditions concur that the laws of universe are driven by the omnipresence of this supreme power of consciousness, known by different names. Since it is unseen and pervades every conceivable form and the formless, we can only get a glimpse of this power through a journey of progressive inner exploration. To understand this concept in layman terms, a good place to start is with our breath.

It is worthwhile to observe oneself to understand the extent of innate power operating within. For instance, breath is going ‘in’ and ‘out’ of us without our conscious effort as we have been programmed to breathe involuntarily. This is because all natural aspects of our daily life ‘happen’ to us. Take love, it happens to us and cannot be forced. So too with sleep or digestion, which are triggered without our intervention. And yet we remain largely oblivious of it, thanks to the powerhouse that is generating, operating and dissolving multiple inner levels of pneumatic, hydraulic and electric aspects of our lymphatic, circulation, neurologic, bio-chemical and cellular processes intelligently.


Whilst living healthy and harmony is our birthright, by adopting sedentary lifestyles and stressful attitudes, the response is to become fearful, defensive and brittle. This trend can be reversed if we learn to connect with elemental forces within us to unlock our body, breath, energy meridians, energy nodes called chakras and brain power to relish the resourcefulness of the powerhouse that the ancient Indian mystics called ‘Kundalini’. It may seem abstruse, but actually it can be achieved through simple breath work under the guidance of an adept teacher. Without linking this practice to any spiritual tradition, but simply as a form of inward exercise, practitioners can learn to direct this kundalini power to rise along the centralis canalis (subtle canal inside our spinal cord) to open and blossom along energy centres (chakras) along the spine.


It is thought that our energy centres serve as spinning capacitors that receive ‘prana’ and direct it to our glands to sustain individual harmony, immunity and a subtle flow of currents.

It can only be the presence of a superior intelligence that enables us to harmonise over 4000 bio-chemical processes, organ flows and bio-rhythms simultaneously. This also helps sustain a state of organic balance called homeostasis. Achieved through prayer, meditation and deep breathing, the cohesion and synchronicity of heart and brain is one of the major contributors to inner balance and a higher conscious state of being. Our bodies work with high precision and a small emotional disturbance can cause havoc to this fine calibration. When this cohesion is disregarded, we have higher chances of succumbing to disease. Research indicates that wellbeing is sustained by maintaining a body frequency of 62-68 Hz, whilst it is possible to become vulnerable to cancer when the frequency dips below 42 Hz.

Our body can be seen as a superior sacred geometry like a pyramid that absorbs and assimilates power from the sun rays. This explains the shape of our body and aura that binds into an egg-shaped electro-magnetic field (EMF). The more we circulate the flow of prana through deep breathing, the better the protective sheath of EMF around us.
It is possible to experience the integrated ecstasy of 100 trillion cells as our subtle body is expanded by the intense uprising of prana and convergence of it in the fontanel of our skull. We can awaken this power by allowing our 200 billion neurons in the brain to enter into an extremely pleasurable yet harmless ecstatic feeling that is possible through activation of the ‘pineal gland’, the brain’s command centre, also regarded as the master gland.


The human body is a self-contained organic pharmacy. Our brain secretes all the necessary bio-chemicals to make us feel vibrant and assist in healing without the need for medicines, stimulants or narcotics. For instance, physical pain can be viewed as a resistance to the flow of currents within. Mostly triggered by abuse of the body through ignorance, addictions, habits, negative emotions and so on, when we get back to our natural flow, we become joyful and vibrant like children. The good news is that you don’t need to use any substance or drug to switch to your natural state of high vibrancy. This is just one of the benefits of awakening to the power of kundalini, as it ushers the body into a state of healthy perennial flow.