Do you wonder how some people just ooze a fabulous healthy glow, an essence you can’t put your finger on. They are confident, calm, charismatic and live life with ease. Eminent Naturopath Rumana Zahn looks at how can we achieve that in our own lives in part five of her six zone Wellbeing Programme.

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Being aware of who we are and what makes us tick is an essential part of keeping healthy and well. Our beliefs and values make up our inner essence, our spirit shaping the way we live our life and how we experience life. They can even make us look young or old and therefore well worth checking into them now and then! The most common beliefs I try to get people to change is – as you get older, you get sicker and blame your age for your problems. I am surprised why so many people hold this as their truth, it’s a myth. I’ve seen hundreds of people improve their health in their later years and even reverse conditions, from curing irritable bowel symptom to heart disease to mental health issues.

If a belief is defined as something we hold true, it manifests in our lives and becomes our truth, our reality. It impacts the way we think, make decisions and act. We all carry our own set of beliefs and some of them will enhance our life others will at some point restrict us or even cause us to become ill. This is why it is so important to re-evaluate what we believe and see whether it is still something we wish to continue to believe or let go of.

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Sam, a patient of mine, lacked self-esteem and felt worthless. She really believed she wasn’t good enough for anything she did. This affected her eating habits and she suffered an eating disorder for many years of her life. She was constantly tired from her perpetual drive of wanting to be everything for others except herself. When I saw her she was not only malnourished but had also lost her spirit, her joie de vivre.

An eating disorder can stem from deep rooted emotional-mental troubles. Sam realised her relationship with her mother was a big trigger for her chaotic eating patterns and when her needs were not met she ate compulsively. When she uncovered various beliefs about herself and her mother, she realised she needed to change. Beliefs can be routes to expressions of different types of behaviours, here are three examples of types of beliefs that lead to certain behaviours as show below.

Be Perfect

This type of belief may cause a person to take failure badly; they don’t take criticism so well and are never satisfied. They may also expect perfection from others. On the plus side they are hardworking and may achieve great things.

I Must Try Harder, I’m Not Good Enough

This type of belief may create a person to crave praise, one who is never satisfied or is trying so hard they get burn out. Yet on the plus side they may be persistent, give their all and make significant efforts in a difficult situation.

Be Strong

This belief may lead to someone bottling up emotions, as they see emotional expression as a sign of weakness; they can be withdrawn under stress or may expect others to be strong. On the plus side they are good for getting things done and do not get emotional under crisis.

Go through some of your own beliefs and see which ones don’t serve you anymore. There are many for all parts of your life. See if you can change them into something more positive/constructive. Here are some examples…

Personal “I am not good enough” to “I am learning and am getting better at…”

Work “I have to work harder to be seen as a good worker” to “I enjoy what I do and feel good about my work.”

Home “I must have everything in precise order to be happy at home” to “I like to be organised and enjoy tidiness.”

Relationships “everyone should understand the way I am” to “I accept the way I am and am open to new possibilities.”

Children “children must be seen and not heard” to “children require love and support as well as good guidance.”

Leisure “I don’t have time for leisure” to “I am able to make time to enjoy myself.”

Health “I get weaker as I get older” to “I get healthier as I get older.”

Money “I will only be happy once I have X$ amount in my account” to “I am happy with what I have and am working towards developing more possibilities.”

Others… can you think of any others?

We may display different types of characteristics and may lean towards a particular belief that we carry that we don’t realise. It’s when a belief causes a behavioural or health problem that it becomes a concern.

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Rumana will take us through Part 6 Environment, where she will look at how spaces affect our health in the final part of her six zone Wellbeing Programme.

rumana zahn

Rumana Zahn helps individuals and companies around the world to embrace health through prevention and natural means. She is highly trained in various forms of natural medicine and has been practicing over 25 years in the UK where she runs her clinics. Rumana teaches the medicinal effects of foods and herbal medicine at universities and works with some of the top companies in the world. Rumana practices what she preaches, she lives a healthy, vibrant life, practices yoga and meditation and has many beautiful loving friendships.


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